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Congratulations to 2011 - 4th Quarter - LAA Recipients

53 USDAA Lifetime Achievement Award recipients named for fourth quarter 2011.

Congratulations to the following Lifetime Achievement Award recipients for the 4th quarter of 2011!

Jean Marie Wilkins Kopper Top
Claire Schwartz Caliente Northern Lights
Lori Duncan Slydrock's Waltzing Matilda
Chris Hill Guirmere On the Edge
Judy Reilly Quicksilver Living in the Limelight
Alan Gersman Max's Hummer PT Jessie Pooh
Janet Dunn Epic
Darrell Bommarito Rising Sun To Freedom
Tracy Hirsch Eiz Airborne
Rosemarie Huey Keen Runn
Championship Bronze
Mich Powers Pochi
Jeremy Gerhard Starstuff's Down Under Samurai
Robert Stewart Mystique's Rocket to Stardom
Cheri Scannell TNT Jeepers!
Linda Wallace Kipp Comebye Raisin
Gloria Wilson Dezert Brat
Shirley Russell Russell's Little Harlie
Linda Toppins Cosmo
Olga Chaiko Gundam Seed
Sally Josselyn Windmill's Uusi Paiva
Linda Robertson Taylormade Riptide
Nancy Ulerich Rusty Walden Ulerich
Arlene Watson Diamond in the Rrruff
Jaime McCoy Lady Skyy Lark
John Badar Max-A-Million
Claudia Berkhan Reba
Cherie Whittenberg General Tommy Franks
Donna Crary-Johnson Icyhot
Kyle Schumacher Storm
James Bahr TopGun Building Up Steam
Kyle Schumacher Wild as the Wendy
Championship Silver
Gosia Skowron Banshee
Linda Wargo Sable Bells and Jolly Tales
Mary Ellen Barry E-Z Does It
Carol Lemche Allstar Hydropower
Jessica Brown Bug
Kathleen Fardy Olmsted's Pond Street Puzzle
Jodi Thurman Thurman's Miss Bailey
Rona Halbreich Kody
Jim Basic Power Paws Clean Sweep
Susan Gross Susan's Ult-ra Dar-ing
Lyn Kahn Comebye Jacques du Bois
Carol McCord Tres Beaux
Championship Gold
Terry Herman Bantry's Carol a Sea Chantey
Karen Rinald Mast Pebbles
Susan Elkins Driftwood's Climbing Whymper
Jason Bennett Chica Pica
Stuart Mah Ares
Stacie Greene Tryst
Jody Lolich Contact Point Wound Up Tight
Performance Bronze
Jill Thorpe Pippin Thorpe
Performance Silver
Linda Samson RPK's Lexi
Annie DeChance Stella

USDAA's Lifetime Achievement Awards are announced quarterly in the second month following the end of the calendar quarter. 

To earn the award, a competitor must earn with a dog a minimum number of qualifications in the "core" classes at the masters/performance III level (i.e., standard, gamblers, jumpers, relay and snooker), plus a minimum number of qualifications earned in these classes, tournaments and veterans classes, as defined in Chapter 1 of USDAA Rules & Regulations.

If the core requirements have been met totally within a program, the award is labeled with that program. 

Questions regarding Lifetime Achievement Awards may be directed to the USDAA office at, or by telephone, to (972) 487-2200 x102. 


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