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The IFCS World Agility Championships are Coming Soon

Get ready for this amazing event!

Since the International Federation of Cynological Sports (IFCS) began offering World Agility Championships (WAC) every two years starting in 2002, USDAA has sent a team to the event to represent the USA. The 2012 WAC is taking place in the United States for the first time. On May 11-13, agility competitors from all over the world will be heading to the Watt Arena at the Will Rogers Equestrian Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

The IFCS has no restrictions based on pedigree, and with four height divisions (Toy, Mini, Midi, and Maxi), a wide variety of breeds and breed mixes may enter. Teams compete in Standard Agility, Jumpers, Snooker, and Gamblers. The All Around competition is based on the combined scores of those four individual classes. The Biathlon Class combines scores from the Standard Agility and Jumpers classes. The Team Triathlon event consists of Standard Agility, Jumpers, and Team Relay classes.

In order to open the event to entrants from every continent, competitors from Australia and New Zealand are invited to compete using loaner dogs since their own countries' quarantine rules make traveling with dogs impractical. At each WAC, the host country provides dogs to competitors from those countries. IFCS allows loaner dogs in this situation because the organization puts emphasis on the human part of the handler/dog team. They view agility as similar to an equestrian event: a human sport working in tandem with an animal. USDAA recently asked for loaner dog volunteers and more than 40 competitors offered to share their dogs with overseas competitors. USDAA will be able to provide the Australians and New Zealanders with fun and talented dogs to run so that they can enjoy the challenges of international competition.

In years past, Team USA won both the team competition and the medal counts in 2002, 2004, and 2006. In 2008 and 2010, the Russia won both the team competition and the overall medal count. Team USA is hoping to rebound in 2012 and repeat their earlier achievements!

The United States will be represented by:
Toy (12") Jump Height
Dana Pike Chamberlain and Tangle (All Breed)
Daneen Fox and Masher (Papillon)
Andy Mueller and Crackers (Jack Russell Terrier)
Mini (16") Jump Height
Kevin Brown and Hunter (Shetland Sheepdog)
Maureen Waldron and Mickle (Shetland Sheepdog)
Jean Lavalley and Cheer (Shetland Sheepdog)
Midi (22") Jump Height
Stuart Mah and Ares (Border Collie)
Jeannette Hutchison and Rumble (Border Collie)
Dudley Fontaine and Sweet (Border Collie)
Maxi (26") Jump Height
Dudley Fontaine and Maverick (Border Collie)
Mia Grant and Vic (Border Collie)
Terry Smorch and Presto (Border Collie)

Back row from left to right: Kevin Brown, Stuart Mah, Jeannette Hutchison, Coach Rachel Sanders, Daneen Fox, Terry Smorch. Front row: Dudley Fontaine, Jean Lavalley, Maureen Waldron, Dana Pike Chamberlain, Andy Mueller, Mia Grant.
Photo by Karen Moureaux,

The IFCS World Agility Championships is open to spectators, who will also enjoy many on-site vendors. It will be webcast on Please contact if you'd like to volunteer to work at the IFCS World Agility Championships. Volunteers often get the best seats in the house: in the ring!


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