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Watch the Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships Live Stream

Both open feeds and manned streams will be available throughout the weekend.

The 2012 Mid-Atlantic USDAA Regional Championships are now streaming live at This is one of 12 North American regional championships on the road to USDAA's 2012 Cynosport® World Games and the 25th running of the Grand Prix of Dog Agility®.

Watch the regional finals for Grand Prix of Dog Agility®, Performance Grand Prix, Dog Agility Steeplechase®, and Performance Speed Jumping on Sunday, April 22. Semifinals  Preliminary rounds to be streamed periodically on Friday and Saturday.

There will be manned cameras during portions of the weekend and open feeds from a fixed camera on Friday and at other times. It's free! Enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE:  If you receive a text alert on screen that says "stream not found", the stream is not currently being served.  Please try again later.  Generally, show hours will be between 9:00am and 5:00pm EDT.


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