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Talking with IFCS WAC Team Member Maureen Waldron

Deborah Davidson Harpur chats with another World Team member about the WAC, which is only about a week away!

Handler Name: Maureen Waldron
Dog Name/Breed/Age: Mickle aka Its All About Me!/Sheltie/Almost 6
Hometown: Norristown, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Business Systems Analyst
Years competing in agility: 16 years

This year the IFCS World Agility Championships are being held in the U.S.A. Did knowing this affect your decision to try out for the team?

Definitely it did. The stress of taking Mickle to Europe vs. Texas influenced me to tryout for the team when it was in the USA.

Have you ever tried out for the team in the past? 

No. Mickle wasn't ready for earlier years and I didn't have dogs that were internationally competitive.

Have you represented the USA at an event before?

Yes. Mickle and I represented the USA at the FCI world championships in 2010 in Germany and 2011 in France.

If you have represented the USA at an event overseas before, do you find yourself enjoying any type of "home court" advantage?

Absolutely. The native language is my first thought.

What were some of the challenges you faced during the world team qualification process?

We needed to to fly to some of the Regionals which is always stressful. But once on site it was a great experience.

How did your family and friends react to the news that you made the USA IFCS team?

My family support my efforts and are very enthusiastic. They love the live streamed events so that they watch and enjoy real-time.

As the event comes closer and closer are there additional stresses to your daily life because of your participation on the team?

There is always extra stress when travelling with your dog. And of course the time off from work and completing tasks before you leave is extra stressful.

Have you done any specialized training to prepare for this event?

I think our weakness is gamblers so Ive spent extra time with my gamble instructor Maureen Burke and my teammate Jeanette.

What do you think will be he most difficult part of the event for you and your dog?


Do you want to give any "shout outs" or share any other comments?

I can't thank my instructors Mary Ellen Barry and Alaina Axford Moore too much. And of course Jen Pinder and Rachel Sanders, whose seminars are so influential. Mickle and I are going to compete for the USA because of them.

Photo courtesy of Barry Rosen.

Maureen Waldron photo courtesy of Karen Moureaux,

Deborah Davidson Harpur has been competing in agility since 1998. She currently handles 16 dogs of various breeds including Rat Terriers, All Americans, French Bull Dogs, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, a Shetland Sheepdog, a Border Collie and more. She enjoys competing in USDAA agility and is the proud mom of USDAA roving reporter Rickie Roo. Her dogs are all proud canine ambassadors for the Active Care line of dog food by Breeder's Choice and for,, and You can learn more about Deborah and her dogs at


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