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May Training Exercises

Practice your poles! By Tania Chadwick

We have weave pole drills on tap for this month.  We are using two sets of six poles to work more entrances, but you could certainly could set this up with one set of 12 with the two jumps.

Do one pass with shoulder turns, the next with front crosses, and maybe even a blind cross if it makes sense.

Note the changes for the jumps for each figure.  Figure 2's jumps are a bit closer compared to those in figure 1 and the jumps are angled for figure 3.

Tania Chadwick, owner of Fortis Agility Sports Training in San Jose, California, is an agility instructor, competitor, and full-time mother. She currently competes with her Border Collie, ADCh-Platinum, LAA-Platinum Kidd, a national Steeplechase Finalist and member of the USDAA's Top Ten in '03, '05, '07, '09, and her youngster Boss. Tania can be reached at


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