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Event Report: Keystone Agility Club's June Trial

Helen McNenly reports on this fun and successful event.

We had gorgeous weather for Keystone Agility Club's June 15-17 USDAA trial! Really perfect& of course, we were indoors! Up until this June, the trial has been held outdoors and has been either really hot or a combination of hot and wet. This time the temperatures and humidity were moderate.

The trial was held at Orchard Hills Training Center in Barto, Pennsylvania, and was Keystone's first time using both buildings. Both rings are covered in Sprinturf and are only a short distance apart. We used walkie talkies to try to communicate when walk throughs were starting in each building.

We also had a test of some new equipment in the Masters ring by Launch the Dog from England. Surfaces are rubber, however, the A-frame, dogwalk, and teeter are constructed from polymer plastic which made them lighter to move during course changes. One very noticeable difference was how quiet these contacts were, even quieter than the now normal rubberized aluminum contacts! My own dog really perks up (understatement!) at the sound of the teeter, but he barely heard it while waiting for his turn in our pairs run.

Our judges were Blake Stafford and Shelley Permann. They both gave us some truly fun courses to run. Judging from the very long list of titles earned, the dogs really found them to be fun and flowing!

Starters/P1 Titles:

Pippy & Quina Nelling  Starters Performance Relay
Caper & Cozette McGuire  Starters Performance Relay
Karma & Lauren Blackson  Starters Relay
Patia & Marcy Levine  Starters Jumper
Phoenix & Tara White  Starters Performance Jumper
Austin & Pam Johnson  Starters Performance Gambler, Starters Performance Snooker
Barty & Sandra Neiman  Starters Performance Relay
Tucker & Jen Kurian  Starters Performance Relay, Starters Performance Standard, Perf. Dog
Sophie & Melissa Smey  Starters Performance Relay
Razz & Pam Wataha  Starters Relay
Austin & Marilyn Bradley  Starters Performance Jumper
Sunny & Joan Whitely  Starters Performance Jumper, Starters Performance Snooker, Starters Performance Standard, Performance Dog
Victory & Jan Thomas  Starters Jumper
Sin & Michele Torok  Starters Standard Agility, Agility Dog
Gemma & Michelle Mamardlo  Agility Dog
Raven & Diann Gastley  Agility Dog
Layla & Nancy Cush  Agility Dog

Advanced/P2 Titles:

Oliver & Karen Wagner  Advanced Performance Standard, Advanced Performance Dog
Pippy & Quina Nelling  Advanced Performance Snooker
Maggie & Pat Terray-Schaeffer  Advanced Performance Snooker
Holly & Vincent Madeiros  Advanced Performance Jumper
Austin & Pam Johnson  Advanced Performance Jumper
Rico & Pat Gavet  Advanced Jumper
Envy & Kelly Muller  Advanced Standard Agility, Advanced Agility Dog
Hatch & Kathy Butler  Advanced Relay, Advanced Snooker
Sin & Michele Torok  Advanced Jumper
Nakoma & Becky  Anderson Advanced Snooker
Slick & Sue Iobst  Advanced Performance Dog
Shai & Barbara Silverstein  Advanced Jumper
Bossman & Lillian Russell  Advanced Agility Dog
Myles & Anita Weiss  Advanced Performance Dog
Razza & Ann Fake  Advanced Agility Dog

Masters/P3 Titles:

Roc & Linda Lazar  Relay Master
Lucy & Martie Gurney  Veteran Jumper
Breeze & Erica Nicholson  Jumper Master
Flash & Sandy Costello  Relay Master
Katie & Sandi Shilling-Daniels  Performance Relay Master
Whoopie & Jeannette Hutchison  Relay Master
Frenzi & Linda Womer  Tournament Master
Alex & Maryellen Miller  Master Performance Dog
Sony & Judy Reilly  Performance Snooker Master
Talos & Devora Locke  Master Agility Dog

Champion and Metallic Titles:

Whoopie & Jeannette Hutchison  Agility Dog Champion
Figment & Alaina Axford-Moore  Agility Dog Champion
Logan & Mary Arose Performance  Gamblers Champion
Blaze & Helen McNenly  Relay Champion
Ripley & Heather Kolesa  Gamblers Champion, Jumper Champion-Bronze
Sonic & Linda Womer  Snooker Champion, Gambers Champion, Jumper Champion-Bronze
Idgie & Terry Herman  Agility Dog Champion-Bronze, Lifetime Achievement Award-Bronze, Jumper Champion-Bronze
Reddi & Diann Gastley  Snooker Champion-Bronze
Dasher & Ivette White  Lifetime Achievement Award-Bronze
Dandy & Linda Husson  Tournament Master-Gold
Rumble & Jeannette Hutchison  Lifetime Achievement Award-Gold
Paiva & Sally Josselyn  Snooker Champion-Platinum

Congratulations to all!

Keystone also hosted some fun runs after the trial was over for the Bruiser Canine Cancer fund. Older dogs could run the jumpers course at lower heights or with jump bars on the ground and younger dogs got a chance at a simple course or people could run the course themselves in honor of dogs that had already passed. Over $600 was raised for canine cancer research!

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Helen McNenly has been involved in agility since November 1997 when she started lessons at Keystone Agility Club with her 7-and-a-half-year-old mixed breed dog, Princess. Her 12-and-a-half-year-old rescue Border Collie, Luce, who earned her APD in May of 2009, is now enjoying retirement and comes out to trials to visit with her friends and mooch treats.  She currently competes with Blaze, a 6-year-old rescue Border Collie mix who earned his MAD in March 2012.  Helen started as a USDAA trial secretary in February 2006 and now represents a number of clubs in the Mid Atlantic area. She was the trial secretary for the 2011 Cynosport World Games and will be repeating the job for 2012.  Her website is


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