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2012 New England Regional Champions

Congratulations to all the winners!

Friday, July 13th, through Sunday, July 16th, the Riverside Canine Center hosted the New England Regional in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Judges Dave Hanson, Elliot Kaplan, Tom Kula, and Mark Wirant presided over the event. Dog Agility Masters® Team and Performance Versatility Pairs classes were completed on Friday and the rest of the Regional Championships had Finals run on Sunday. Congratulations to the 2012 New England Regional Champions! 

Grand Prix of Dog Agility® & Performance Grand Prix New England Regional Champions:
Grand Prix-12 inches
1 Maxine Holmes and Sundancer
2 Claudia McGuire and Rik
3 Monique Plinck and Tiki
16 inches
1 Debby Cartney and Divot
2 Jane Plamondon and Cullen
3 Nancy Samchuck and Niki
22 Inches
1 Jessica Ajoux and Pirate
2 Jessica Ajoux and Fame
3 Lucie Dessureault and Suka
26 inches
1 Ali Canova and Robbie
2 Stefanie Rainer and Spree
3 Grace LaRocque and Zer
Performance Grand Prix-8 inches
1 Barbara Stephens and Sophie
2 Heather Ciribassi and Diesel
12 inches
1 Barbara Rogers and Carmen
2 Cindy Stewart and Lacey
3 Ivette White and Dasher

16 inches
1 Paulena Rene Simpson and Smart As
2 Dawn Fillips and Loud
3 Mary Lou Hanlon and Snap (not pictured)

22 inches
1 Paulena Rene Simpson and Graphite
2 Anne Derby and Spirit
3 Marshall Clark and Moxie

Dog Agility Masters® Team New England Regional Champions:

Team-First place
Lauren Mitchell and Wicked
Amanda Daigle Shyne and Dilly
Ken Fairchild and Cue! (not pictured)
Team-Second Place
Dianne LaBarre McCormick and Rumor
Anne Derby and Arwen
Sheila Heath Crepeau and Luna

Team-Third Place
Judi Schachte and Summit
James Jayko and Penny
Jenn Marks and Jada

Performance Versatility Pairs New England Regional Champions:

Performance Versatility Pairs-First place
Liz Scott and Milo
Anne Derby and Spirit
PVP-Second Place
Melanie Behrens and Willin'
Anne Andrle and Ski

PVP-Third Place
Mich Powers and Pochi
Pamela Shattuck and Cooper

Dog Agility Steeplechase® & Performance Speed Jumping New England Regional Champions:

Steeplechase-12 inches
1 Monique Plinck and Tiki
2 Suzanne Labrie and Copine (not pictured)
3 Susan Gross and Radar
16 inches
1 Graham Logen and Skittles
2 Nancy Samchuck and Niki
3 Laura Dolan and Race
22 inches
1 Sandra Orr and Shiraz
2 Megan O'Brien and Fynn
3 Tracy Carter and Caper
26 inches
1 Kathleen Desvigne and Vivian!
2 Ali Canova and Robbie
3 Karen Hocker and Trey
Performance Speed Jumping-8 inches
1 Heather Ciribassi and Diesel
2 Nancy Wentworth and Ben Matlock
3 Barbara Stephens and Sophie
12 inches
1 Rita Berardino and Lucy
2 Amy Carlson and Spur
3 Barbara Rogers and Ruffian
16 inches
1 Paulena Rene Simpson and Smart As
2 Rick DeAmelio and DJ
3 Dawn Fillips and Loud
22 inches
1 Marshall Clark and Moxie
2 Paulena Rene Simpson and Graphite
3 Karen Gorman and Reno

Photos courtesy of Donna Kelliher ( and Karen Hocker (

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