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2012 North Central Regional Champions

Congratulations to all the winners!

Friday, August 3rd, through Sunday, August 5th, the Cream City Canines and Contact Sports Agility hosted the North Central Championships in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Judges Dave Hanson, Leslie Bickel and Dave Grubel presided over the event. The event was live streamed at with commentary from USDAA vice president Andy Hartman, along with George Mariakis and Frank Holik. Congratulations to the 2012 North Central Regional Champions!

Grand Prix of Dog Agility® & Performance Grand Prix New England Regional Champions:

Grand Prix 12"
1 Andy Mueller and Crackers
2 Mike Padgett and Kona
3 Dana Pike and Tangle
Grand Prix 16"
1 Jen Pinder and Taser
2 Jen Pinder and Britain
3 Nita Woulf and Peeka
Grand Prix 22"
1 Linda Mecklenburg and Wonder
2 Jaime McCoy and Skyy
3 Carol Lemche and Rio (not pictured)
Grand Prix 26"
1 Terry Smorch and Presto
2 Dudley Fontaine and Maverick (not pictured)
3 Susan Heckleman and Voo Doo
Performance GP 8"
1 Ann Newquist and Tally
2 Janelle Julyan and Eve
3 Sydney Ryan and Ella
Performance GP 12"
1 Laura Fearn and Bruce
2 Tammi Stone and Splash
3 Laura Fearn and Sierra
Performance GP 16"
1 Pam Fish and Edge
2 Tim Vojtech and Brownie
3 Michelle Persian and Bria
Performance GP 22"
1 Tracy Hirsch and Pilot
2 Karen Selbert and Aidan
3 Rachel Sanders and Stuie

Dog Agility Steeplechase® & Performance Speed Jumping New England Regional Champions:

Steeplechase 12"
1 Mike Padgett and Kona
2 Andy Mueller and Crackers
3 Dana Pike and Tangle

Steeplechase 16"
1 Melanie Miller and Smitter
2 Nita Woulf and Peeka
3 Marty Calden and Kit
Steeplechase  22"
1 Mary Ellen Barry and Maizy
2 Lisa Kucharski and Finesse
3 Lauren Mitchell and Zack
Steeplechase 26"
1 Terry Smorch and Presto
2 Kathleen Desvigne and Vivian!
3 Curt Meissner and Winston
Performance Speed Jumping 8"
1 Janelle Julyan and Eve
2 Ann Newquist and Tally
3 Sydney Ryan and Ella
Performance Speed Jumping 12"
1 Laura Fearn and Bruce
2 Susan Crank and Salsa
3 Ian Owen and Keena
Performance Speed Jumping 16"
1 Michelle Persian and Bria
2 Tim Vojtech and Visa
3 Loretta Vojtech and Kit Kat
Performance Speed Jumping 22"
1 Tracy Hirsch and Pilot
2 Kristin Cowell and Miles
3 Kristin Cowell and Rue

Dog Agility Masters® Team & Performance Versatility Pairs New England Regional Champions:

Team #1 J. Bonsignore and Zeke, F. Yang and The Force, K. Desvigne and Vivian! Team #2 A. Mueller and Crackers, A. Benacquisto and Duncan, R. Sanders and Gifted
Team #3 M. Barry and Maizy, L. Mecklenburg and Super, B. Stafford and BeamerPairs #1 S. Nichols and Mesa, M. Hanson and Probability
Pairs #2 T. Hirsch and Pilot, K. Cowell and MilesPairs #3 K. Miller and Lizzy, L. Franke and Ace

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