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IFCS World Agility Championships - Day Two Final Coverage

Continuing coverage of the 2006 IFCS World Agility Championships from the Netherlands

Today's classes will include Individual Gamblers, Biathlon Standard Agility, Snooker and Individual Jumping, with a final result due in the Best All Around in individual standard agility, jumping, snooker & gamblers.  The final results are also due in the jumping and agility Individual Biathlon.

Final results from Day One are posted on the FHN Web site.  Go to, and click on WAC 2006, RESULTS.  Photos may also be found at under WK Agility 2006.

Medal Count through Day 2
(Note: Excludes Power & Speed as a Non-Championship Class
see Day One coverage article for Power & Speed Award Results)




































Today's Event

Note that All Around Medals are to be awarded on Sunday and are not included in today's report.

Individual Jumping

30cm Class

Gold - Henk Postma & Lola (NL)     - 0 faults, 24.79 seconds
Silver - Natalia Sternberg & Violetta (RU) - 0 faults, 25.45 seconds
Bronze - Henk Postma & Famke (NL) - 0 faults, 26.55 seconds

The top nine places finished with zero faults.  Team USA member Kimberly Sisak finished in 4th, just 3/4 seconds out of the medals, while Mike Murphy picked up one fault and Kimberly Sisak with Devo had an elimination.

40cm Class

Gold - Kayl McCann & Ping Pong (CA) - 0 faults, 23.48 seconds
Silver - Natalia Sternberg & Lisenok Ludovik (RU) - 0 faults, 23.88 seconds
Bronze - Renee King & Hamlet (US) - 0 faults, 24.17 seconds

The top eleven competitors finished with zero faults rounds. Other Team USA member Nancy Kleinhans finished in 8th with Joni with a time of 27.27 seconds, and eliminated with Jimmy Dean.

55cm Class

Gold - Mary Ellen Barry & Fizz (US) - 0 faults, 21.92 seconds
Silver - Kate Moureaux & Quick (US) - 0 faults, 22.41 seconds
Bronze - Angela Williams & Pi (UK) - 0 faults, 22.64 seconds

The top sixteen finished the course with zero faults rounds.  Team USA member Rhonda Carter finished in 4th by 12/100ths of a second out of the medals. 

65cm Class

Gold - Jane Powell & Keeta (UK) - 0 faults, 23.32 seconds
Silver - Stuart Carter & Storm (UK) - 0 faults, 23.79 seconds
Bronze - Olga Chaiko & Luz (US) - 0 faults, 23.87 seconds

The top fourteen competitors finished with zero faults rounds.  US Team members Stuart Mah finished in 4th with a time of 24.20 seconds, and Stacy Peardot-Goudy finished in 5th with 24.43 seconds. 

Individual Snooker

30cm Class

Gold - Henk Postma & Lola (NL)         - 51 points, 40.60 seconds
Silver - Mike Murphy & Bailey (US)    - 51 points, 41.89 seconds
Bronze - Kimberly Sisak & Devo (US) - 51 points, 42.31 seconds

Top 8 scored 51 points, with time the deciding factor.  Kimberly Sisak with her dog Phoebe opted for  combination of one six and two sevens in the opening period, leaving her with only 50 points, and a time of 41.27 seconds on a course time of 49 seconds.

40cm Class

Gold - Kayl McCann & Ping Pong (CA)                   - 51 points, 39.22 seconds
Silver - Natalia Sternberg & Lisenok Ludovik (RU) - 51 points, 41.47 seconds
Bronze- Svetlana Tumanova & Osborn (RU)          - 51 points, 42.29 seconds

Team USA finished out of the medals, with 6th, 8th & 14th place finishes.  The top 4 had 51 points, with the next seven competitors 50. 

55cm Class

Gold - Kate Moureaux & Quick (US)    - 51 points, 36.45 seconds
Silver - Kayl McCann & JitterBug (CA) - 51 points, 37.99 seconds
Bronze- Angela Williams & Pi (UK)      - 51 points, 40.16 seconds

Only the top 3 ran with 51 points, followed by 3 with 50 points.  The other two US Team members finished in 9th and 13th place with 46 and 31 points, respectively.

65cm Class

Gold - Jane Powell & Keeta (UK) - 51 points, 37.79 seconds
Silver - Olga Chaiko & Luz (US) - 51 points, 37.99 seconds
Bronze - Svetlana Tumanova (RU) - 51 points, 38.15 seconds

The top eight competitors finished with 51 points.  US Team member Stuart Mah finished in 4th with a time of 38.65 seconds, while Stacy Goudy finished in 13th with 44 points.


In the Biathlon Standard, Team USA members Mike Murphy and Kimberly Sisak turned in strong rounds to finish in the medals, but they were not able to overcome the strong lead by Dutch competitor Henk Postma with Lola (papillon).

30cm Class

Gold - Henk Postma & Lola (NL)    -        151.97 points
Silver - Mike Murphy & Bailey (US) -      151.50 points
Bronze - Kimberly Sisak & Phoebe (US)- 150.42 points

Mike Murphy was able to make up lost ground from Friday's jumping round to overtake Kimberly Sisak for the Silver.  Kimberly Sisak finished in 7th with her other dog Devo, with 140.75 points.

40cm Class

Gold - Susan Garrett & DeCaff (CA) -     152.76
Silver - Kayl McCann & Ping Pong (CA) - 152.75
Bronze - Elena Filatova & Porche (RU) -   152.61

Team USA finished out of the medals, with Nancy Kleinhans & Joni finishing in 4th with a strong standard round, moving up from either place with 151.09 points, Renee King finished in 9th at 139.70 points, slipping from her 5th place position, and Nancy Kleinhans with Jimmy Dean finished in 14th with 71.05 points, as a result of an elimination in today's Biathlon standard round.

Not withstanding, grievance was filed contending that the Silver was in question due to an alleged missed wrong course call.  Video later showed the wrong course in fact happened, but a judgment call may not be overturned under IFCS regulations. Russian Natalia Sternberg finished in 4th.  

55cm Class

Gold - Rhonda Carter & Blast (US)              - 160.14 points
Silver - Kate Moureaux & Quick (US)          - 157.54 points
Bronze - Julia Kudinova & Tracy Wind (RU) - 155.88 points

Rhonda Carter & Blast held on to their first place position coming in from Friday's jumping round, and Kate Moureaux moved up from fourth position to claim the Silver, and Mary Ellen Barry finished in 5th with 151.78 points, moving up from 10th position on Friday's jumping round.

65cm Class

Gold - Stuart Mah & Qwik (US)        - 156.37 points
Silver - Sue Charlton & Piper (CA)   - 155.93 points
Bronze - Olga Chaiko & Luz (US)     - 155.61 points

The other Team USA member Stacy Peardot-Goudy finished in 6th with 152.14 points.


The Gamblers class got underway with much excitement as gamblers remains still a non-serious class in some countries.  The success in performance of a distance handling sequence time and again met with great applause.  

Results of the class were as follows:

30cm Class

Gold - Kimberly Sisak & Phoebe (US) - 58 points
Silver- Akiko Kerman & Harry (JP) - 54 points
Bronze - Elena Medvedkova (RU) - 52 points

Other Team USA members finished in 6th and 10th places with 35 & 27 points, respectively. 

40cm Class

Gold - Lu Carter & Tassle (UK) - 68 points
Silver- Dawn & Chelsea (UK) - 66 points
Bronze - Kayl McCann & Ping Pong (CA) - 64 points

Nancy Kleinhans of Team USA finished in 5th & 6th place with her two dogs with 62 and 56 points, respectively, and Renee King finished with 52 points in 7th. 

55cm Class

Gold - Mary Ellen Barry & Fizz (US) - 72 points
Silver- Atsuko Yamada & Hika (JP) - 64 points
Bronze - Angela Williams & Pi (UK) - 60 points

Other Team USA members finished in 10th & 11pth positions with 35 and 34 points, respectively.

65cm Class

Gold - Jane Powell & Keeta (UK) - 68 points
Silver- Stuart Carter & Storm (UK) - 62 points
Bronze - Sue Charlton & Piper (CA) - 62 points

Team USA members finished in 5th, 8th, 16th, with 60, 56, and 30 points, respectively. 

After two classes in the Best All Around, Team USA is positioned as follows, with snooker and jumping to be held later this afternoon:

Maxi - 65cm

Stacy Peardot-Goudy in 5th, with 142.71 points, just under 7 points behind the leader at 150.35 from the UK.  Olga Chaiko standing in 12th place with 118.65 and Stuart Mah in 24th place, as a result of yesterday's elimination in standard agility.

Midi- 55cm

Mary Ellen Barry of the US team leads with 160.71 points, 11 points ahead of Japan and the UK (15 points out).  Fellow team members are in 10th and 11th positions at 125.09 and 124.97 points. 

Mini- 40cm

Nancy Kleinhans and Joni of the US Team are in 3rd place with 141.37 points, just under 15 points out of the lead held by Lu Carter of the UK, with 155.69 points.  Renee King (US) trails Nancy by 1.5 points in 4th place.  Nancy and Jimmy Dean (US) are in 17th with only 62 points as a result of the elimination in yesterday's agility round.

Toy - 30cm

Kimberly Sisak holds the lead with 143.32 points, with Mike Murphy and Kimberly with Devo trailing in 8th and 14th place, respectively.  Kimberly with Devo carries only 35 points as a result of yesterday's elimination in agility.

Today's Courses

Individual Gamblers (Best All Around) - Gert Siekmans, Judge

Click HERE for Judge's Briefing

Biathlon - Standard Agility

Individual Snooker (Best All Around) - Steve Drinkwater, Judge

Click HERE for judge's briefing

Individual Jumping (Best All Around) - Luis Ciurana, Judge

Biathlon Jumping - From Day One

Top three in the standings going into Saturday's competition are:

Toy Division (30cm)

1 - Henk Postma & Famke (NL)     69.96 points
2 - Kimberly Sisak & Devo (USA)  69.49 points
3 - Henk Postma & Lola (NL)         69.37 points

Team USA members Kimberly Sisak with Phoebe in fourth at 68.66 and Mike Murphy in sixth at 67.93 points.

Mini Class (40cm)

1 - Nancy Kleinhans & Jimmy Dean (US)   71.05
2 - Elena Filatova & Porche (RU)              70.58
3 - Dawn Weaver & Chelsea (UK)             70.26

Renee King of Team USA stands at 5th position and points of 69.83 and Nancy Kleinhans & Joni stand in 8th position with 68.42 points.

Midi Class (55cm)

1 - Rhonda Carter & Blast (USA)        72.05 points
2 - Julia Norugova & Virginia (RU)      71.06 points
3 - Julia Kudinova & Tracy Wind (RU)  71.04 points

Kate Moureaux of Team USA stands in 4th presently, with 70.72 points, and Mary Ellen Barry stands in 10th, with 65.28 points.

Maxi Class (65cm)

1 - Stuart Carter & Storm (UK)      71.43 points
2 - Stuart Mah & Qwik (US)           71.41 points
3 - Olga Chaiko & Luz (US)            70.55 points

Stacy Peardot-Goudy of Team USA stands presently in 7th place with 67.87 points.


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