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The New Overview is in Your Inbox!

USDAA's award-winning newsletter is now coming straight to you every month!

Today, the USDAA newsletter, the Overview, gets a reboot, going from a quarterly PDF to a monthly email delivered right to your inbox! Selected articles from the USDAA news page, plus additional content, links, and an event calendar will be coming to you every month!

Every USDAA-registered dog owner should have received this first edition, but some email providers (Gmail, for one) may have sent the message to your spam folder, so if you didn't get your copy, please check there.

If you don't have a USDAA-registered dog, visit and register to receive the newsletter at the bottom of the page (the link is in red). If you got a copy of the Overview and don't want to receive the newsletter regularly, scroll down to the bottom of the newsletter email and click on "unsubscribe."

If you have comments on the newsletter or would like to contribute to the September issue, please contact Brenna Fender at

Happy reading!


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