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IFCS World Agility Championships - Final Day Coverage

Final coverage of the 2006 IFCS World Agility Championships in The Netherlands

Final results from Day One are posted on the FHN Web site.  Go to, and click on WAC 2006, RESULTS.  Photos may also be found at under WK Agility 2006.

Final Medal Count - Individual Classes
(Note: Excludes Power & Speed as a Non-Championship Class
see Day One coverage article for Power & Speed Award Results)




































Today's Classes - Completed

Today's activities include the announcement and presentation of awards for the Best All Around event, wherein competitors' scores from all four individual classes - standard agility, jumping, gamblers and snooker - are combined. 

Also, the highly cherished National Team competition will run today, beginning with standard agility, then jumping, followed by the Three-dog Relay.  Each member country is permitted to enter no more than two three-dog teams, with one comprised predominantly of large dogs (midi or maxi) and one comprised predominantly of small dogs (toy or mini).  Each country may name up to four alternates from their remaining delegation, the above team configuration must be maintained and no one person may perform on more than one team, thus presenting interesting options and careful considerations for team coaches in establishing team substitutions.

Team Relay - Final Round

There was a slight delay as the judge chose to make course modifications.  A revised course has been included at the end of this article. Teams were ordered by height.

Gold - Team USA - Mary Ellen Barry (Fizz), Renee King (Hamlet) & Kate Moureaux (Quick) in Relay class, with Rhonda Carter (Blast) & Nancy Kleinhans (Joni) and Kate Moureaux (Quick) running the Standard and Jumping Classes.

Silver & Bronze medals were taken by the two Russian Teams.

Team USA 2 finished fifth in the standings, 21 points out of the medals and the UK finished in fourth place, while the Netherlands rebounded and finished in sixth.

After Round 1 - Team Standard Agility

Team USA held 1st and 3rd positions after the first round with Russia pressing them in 2nd and 4th positions.  The Netherlands held the 5th position followed by Japan, Canada and the UK.

USA Team 1 was comprised of Rhonda Carter and Blast, Kate Moureaux and Quick, and Nancy Kleinhans and Joni.  Team US2 was the teams small dog team comprised of Mike Murphy and Bailey, Kimberly Sisak & Phoebe, and Olga Chaiko & Luz.  With the success of the first round, team coach Janet Gauntt opted not to make any substitutions for the Jumping Round.

The jumping round completed at 11:45am GMT+1, and results are awaiting review and posting.

After Round 2 - Team Jumping

The tension ringside began to build during the walk-through, as handlers were able to view the five tunnel entrance cluster "up close and personal".  Through the class, they made light of it and clear majority of the competitors handled their dogs full throttle on a straight line along the intended path. 

Russia Team 2 overtook US Team 2 by slightly more than 5 points, as Olga Chaiko & Luz picked up five faults for a knocked pole on the brush jump on the first pass (to the weave poles), and the Russians continued to press on time.  Team US1 member Nancy Kleinhans and Joni picked up five, enabling the Russian Team 1 to narrow the gap.  The UK moved up into fifth and seventh position with their two teams, with the Netherlands dropping to eighth place as one team member picked up four faults for 20 points penalty.

Best All Around Awards

Awards for the Best All Around will be made mid-day, with results released this morning as follows:

30cm Class

Gold - Kimberly Sisak & Phoebe (US)           - 266.11 points
Silver - Akiko Kerman & Harry (JP)              - 257.31 points
Bronze - Elena Medvedkova & Elfania (RU)   - 253.72 points

Team USA members Mike Murphy & Bailey finished in 8th place with 233.22 points, while Sisak with her other dog Devo finished low in the standings due to eliminations in standard and jumping, finishing with 86 points earned in gamblers and snooker.

40cm Class

Gold - Susan Garrett & DeCaff (CA)         - 276.32 points
Silver - Renee Kings & Hamlet (US)         - 265.54 points
Bronze - Nancy Kleinhans & Joni (US)      - 264.10 points

Kleinhans finished near the bottom of the standings due to eliminations in the standard agility and jumping rounds with 100 points earned in gamblers and snooker.

55cm Class

Gold - Kayl McCann & Jitter Bug (CA)        - 272.07 points
Silver - Julia Kudinova & Tracy Wind (RU)  - 271.66 points
Bronze - Stuart Carter & Whispa (UK)       - 270.14 points

Team USA members finished just out of the medals by a mere .35 points, with Mary Ellen Barry finishing with 269.79 points.  In a post-event assessment, Barry commented I worked so hard on jumping all year long and it was the one bar on the #5 hurdle combination in snooker that she felt was the difference, which would have shot her well ahead for the Gold, lying only 2.15 points away. Of course, could have been a combination of one more hurdle in gamblers or shaving time little more than one second in standard or jumping, or a combination of the above. 

65cm Class

Gold - Stuart Carter & Storm (UK)                - 276.56 points
Silver - Sue Charlton & Piper (CA)                - 275.43 points
Bronze - Maria Koblikova & Ambassador (RU) - 268.76 points

Team USA member Stacy Peardot-Goudy & Able, continued to find difficulty reaching the podium, but found her consistency near reward with a 5th place finish 6.48 points out of the medals. Olga Chaiko lost the Silver with a split second difference on completing the gamble, which cost her 30 points, instead finishing in 7th with 245.78 points.  Stuart Mah finished down in the standings due to a morning elimination in the standard agility class.

Another highlight was South Africa's Chantall Holmes, who had competed in the U.S. at the Grand Prix in 2004.  Also not seeing the podium within reach through the weekend, her consistency also showed, placing exactly 1/2 second out of the medals, one position ahead of Stacy in the Best All Around.

Though there was some talk by several countries that the gamblers rule of doubling class points for successful gamble completion was a bit heavily weighted for the event, it highlighted the importance of identifying the strategic points in all classes by coaches when scores are to be combined. It also turned up a weakness in distance handling by many western European competitors that should encourage more training in that segment of their performance reportoire. 

Today's Courses

Team Standard

Team Jumping

Team Relay


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