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Cynosport 2012: Day 1, Let the Games Begin!

What was the first day of the 2012 Cynosport World Games like? Let Rickie Roo tell you!

Rickie Roo your USDAA Roving Reporter coming to you from Commerce City, Colorado.

The Cynosport World Games have begun! Yesterday we got to go check in and get our crating areas. Our handlers got their armbands, a really cool photo frame from carved wood, and our competitor pins.

There are six rings to compete in. All are outoors at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. It's an outdoor soccer place. Three rings have artificial turf and three have real grass. Many cool vendors are there and there is excitement in the air. And rain. Yep, but just a little bit. A little bit both days so far.

This terrier is running on the artificial turf, which is a great surface!

Anyway, I got to the show site at 5:30am to meet some of our USDAA pals and do a TV spot for CBS4 Denver. We saw Annie Dechance with Stella and Zeppie there and our friend Tizzy too. There were Border Collies, a Giant Schnauzer, some mixed breeds, a Shetland Sheepdog, an Australian Shepherd, and my sister LC and I who are Rat Terriers. We were the littlest dogs there, well, except for little Venti the Chihuahua (owned by Renee Culpepper) who was there as a cheerleader. I think he's only about two pounds. We did several spots with Justin M. from Channel 4 and he was really nice.

Then we were done so we went to the crating area to prep for the day. Because of the soggy grass, the show committee had to think on their feet; the soccer fields that are real grass needed to be kept in good shape. So they decided to run all of our Grand Prix Play It Again runs on the three turf fields. That threw a wrench into the entire schedule for the day, but once people figured out what was going on, things moved along.

After all those classes were run, we were only two hours behind the scheduled time for the Steeplechase/Performance Speed Jumping Quarterfinals and the Grand Prix/Performance Grand Prix Quarterfinals. 

Gabrielle Blackburn directs Zing on the dogwalk as Frank Holik judges this Grand Prix Quarterfinals run.

I had a super good time on the Play it Again course but an even better time on the Performance Speed Jumping Quarterfinal run. There were LOTS of top handlers in the Quarterfinals... even some former world team members and some handlers who were showing dogs who were at their first Cynosport Games. We had to leave so I'm not positive that I got into the Semifinals... but I'm pretty sure I did!

We met LOTS of new people at the show. I had several people ask for my pawtograph. And after every run someone asked my mommy if I was THE Rickie Roo who writes for USDAA and she would say "YES" while gasping for air. Apparently the air is not the same in Denver as it is in Los Angeles or in other parts of the country. It seemed the same to me, but it's not for lots of people.

Our friends Kit Kat and Brownie (with Tim and Loretta Vojtech) who are from Wisconsin are crated by us and our friends Lucky and Stormie (with Malu Monroy), and Chiripa (with Carla Cevallos) are not far from us. They are from Mexico the country. Not New Mexico the state. Our friends from New Mexico are crated right behind us. They are always super nice. We met some people from Puerto Rico today too. My super special pals from England are here too. I saw Stuie (with Rachel Sanders) and Flip (with Suzanne Birdsall) and lots of other dogs. I watched runs by Lexi the Pomeranian (with Beth Carlson), Stevie the Corgi (with Jackie Gruendyke), Chase the Sheltie (with Deborah McBride), Piper the Mini Aussie (with Camy McClain), Masher (with Daneen Fox) and Puzzle (with Dawn Weaver) the Papillions, Harlie and Stormie the Poodles (with Shirley Russell), Ryder the Doberman (handled by Loretta Vojtech), lots of my Border Collie friends including Driven (with Kate Moureaux), EEK (with Narae Kim), and Strafe (with Rosanne DeMascio) and, of course, my boyfriend Willis the Rat Terrier  (with Mary Obidinski) who I must say looked really good in the Grand Prix Quarterfinal.

Francisco Berjon and Stoni travelled from Mexico to compete at this year's Games!

Tomorrow should be a big day. We run our team Snooker, the Steeplechase/Performance Speed Jumping Semis and the Performance Grand Prix Semis. Well I don't run PGP semis 'cause I'm not in that class but I'm running the others (I hope I got in the semis). For SURE I'm running Snooker, my favorite class of all. And I get to run with my Performance Versatility Paris teammate, Maverick. I hope we do terrific!

Photos courtesy of Karen Moureaux,

Deborah Davidson Harpur, of Harbor City, California writes through the eyes of Rickie Roo, her a four-year-old Rat Terrier. Deborah has been involved in agility since 1998. Look for Deb and Rickie at Cynosport or find either of them on their facebook pages should you want to be interviewed for


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