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Cynosport 2012: Day 3, We're Rolling Now!

Rickie Roo shares the details on the third day of the Cynosport World Games.

Friday was a really fun day at the Cynosport World Games, which are being held in Commerce City, Colorado. The weather was really nice and it never really got too hot. It only got a little bit cold after dark.

On the schedule for today were Team/Performance Versatility Pairs/Veterans All Around Jumpers and Gamblers, IFCS Jumping, and the Performance Grand Prix Finals. We had our walk throughs at 8:15 in the morning as usual. Today my first class was not until 3 pm. But we stayed around the show after walk throughs.

Splash Dogs was super fun to watch. I saw Labs, Border Collies, and even a terrier jump into the water. Then they measured how far they jumped and people cheered. I can jump, but I'm not so sure I can jump into water. I think I'll go back tomorrow and watch some more.

The Course-A-Lure was there again, raising money for the National Canine Cancer Foundation and I saw lots of dogs enjoying it.

The flyball dogs joined us too, running races throughout the day. They were having LOTS of fun.

One of the agility courses today was jumpers (see this course and read a review of it here). The jumpers course was very, very tricky for lots of dogs and handlers. I liked it so much I added some extra jumps just so I could stay on it longer. I watched some of my friends run and they were great. My teammate Maverick (and owner Sandy Scott) were AWESOME. Maverick knew it and was telling us all about it as he ran. He's a handsome Shetland Sheepdog who is a talker. And since I'm a pretty terrier who likes to listen, we make a great pair. Our team name is Mavaroo.

I just realized that you might not know what this team thing is I keep talking about. If you run in the Championship program, you get three dogs and handlers together, two of one size and one of another or three of the same size and that's called a Dog Agility Masters team. If you run in the Performance Program, you find two dogs of any size and their handlers and that's called a Performance Versatility Pair. Both Teams and Pairs pick a name and then all of the members compete in jumpers, standard, snooker, and gamblers. I really like hearing all the different team names; some are really fun like Small Fry's (a Pair featuring Keegan and Cheryl Morris and Bullet and Patti Brown) or like Ohno! Ryker had too much Java! (a Team featuring Ohno and Susan Duncan, Java and Shannon Ciccarelli, and Ryker and Meredith Keraga). At a regular event, like a local or regional event, the teams also do relay, where a course is broken up into segments and each team member runs a segment, one at a time. At Cynosport, only the top Teams and Pairs compete in relay. So far this week we have completed several portions of the tournament - we only have standard and relay left. There's still more fun to come!

I liked the gamblers course a lot. You had your regular opening, but in the closing (which for me was 17 seconds) you had to do a "gateway jump" for 0 points, one three-point obstacle, one one-point obstacle, and one five-point obstacle. Most people took a tunnel, a jump, and a teeter. If you took two tunnels and one jump you were OUT. If you took a tunnel a jump and no teeter you were OUT. Well not totally out; you got to keep your opening points, you just didn't get the extra 18 closing points. I did just fine but lots of others did not, including one of my family members.I don't want to embarrass them so I'll leave it at that.

The IFCS Jumpers class was SUPER exciting. There was a beautiful sunset that looked like fire in a blue lake and agility all at the same time. I was SUPER impressed with my friend Charger who was a canine superstar on that course with his handler Gayle Anderson. I'm very certain they got a ribbon for their efforts. You have to be a pretty good athlete to be in the IFCS Jumpers because it was only open to competitors who had earned byes in regional championships in both the semifinals for Grand Prix and for Steeplechase.

There was a dinner ringside and then afterwards we watched the Performance Grand Prix Finals. They were really exciting and I was so proud of my friends who did really well. There was a scary dude dressed in a costume running around [Editor's note: Rickie Roo, that was just judge Frank Holik in a Flash costume. That wasn't scary! Although it may have been a little weird....]. But soon enough he was gone and the show was underway. I cheered for all my friends and made them special signs. I know they liked them a lot. One day when I make the finals I know they will cheer for me, so it's all fun.

Friday will feature the Grand Prix Semifinals, The IFCS Standard, Team Standard, IFCS Relay, the Performance Speed Jumping finals and the Steeplechase finals. WHEW!

Photos courtesy of Karen Moureaux,

Deborah Davidson Harpur, of Harbor City, California writes through the eyes of Rickie Roo, her a four-year-old Rat Terrier. Deborah has been involved in agility since 1998. Look for Deb and Rickie at Cynosport or find either of them on their facebook pages should you want to be interviewed for


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