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Cynosport: Junior Handler Spotlight

Congratulations to the juniors who showed off their skills in the main ring.

Six junior handlers were recognized for their agility accomplishments in the main ring with bleachers full of spectators. Congratulations to:

Santiago Garcia of Mexico. Santiago is seven years old and ran Deborah Davidson Harpur's Rat Terrier, Rickie Roo. Santiago has been doing agility for one year.

Javier Berjon of Mexico. Javier is 17 years old and ran Brass. He  has been doing agility for 2-3 years.

Rene Esquivel of Mexico. Rene is 12 years old and ran Stormy, who is owned by Malu Monroy. Rene has been doing agility for 3-4 years.

Deva Wilson. Deva is 14 years old and ran Border Collie Detour, owned by Cherie Wittenberg, whom Deva has been running for several years. Deva has been running in agility for five years.

Hannah Kampa. Hannah is 17 years old and ran Satori. Hannah has been competing for six years.

Josue Garcia. Josue is 12 years old and he ran Amadeo, owned by Sergio Garcia. Josue has been competing in agility for one year.

Photo by Karen Moureaux,


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