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October Training Exercises

Transition training by Tania Chadwick.

This month, we are working on being able to transition from tight and intricate sections to wide-open speed sections on a course. There are some lead-ins in these exercises where your dog is taking a straight line of tunnels and jumps and gathering a lot of speed, and then your dog must decrease that speed so he can gather himself to tackle the tighter sequences where efficient turning is needed.

I recommend practicing the top portion of the course where the three serpentine jumps (serpentine jumps are a series of jumps taken as an S shape), weave poles, and tunnel are in order to work out the timing and efficient lines of the jumps and approaches and exits from the weave poles. Once that feels comfortable and you and your dog are running that section with accuracy, put the course together and make sure you're ready for the transition areas that require your narrow focus and timely handling.

Practice white #2-#5 before running the full set. Then work black #7-#11 before doing the rest of the exercise.

Perfect white #3-#6 and #10-#14 before completing the full sequence. Do the same for black #3-#11 before running #1-#15.

Get white #3-#7 down before doing the entire exercise. Do the same with black #9-#12.

Tania Chadwick, owner of Fortis Agility Sports Training in San Jose, California, is an agility instructor and full-time mother of two children. She currently competes with her Border Collie, Boss. Tania can be reached at


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