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Cynosport 2012: Day 5, Time to Say Goodbye

A review of the day by Rickie Roo.

It's me. Rickie Roo, your USDAA Roving Reporter sadly sharing my last report for the 2012 Cynosport World Games from Commerce City, Colorado.

I had a super duper time on Sunday! I got to watch lots of my friends in the Dog Agility Masters Team and Peformance Versatility Pairs relay. My friends Visa (with Tim Vojtech) and Kit Kat (with Loretta Vojtech) were on a Performance Versatility Pairs team together so I ran to cheer them on during relay. Their team was called "Here for Bere" and they were great. I got to cheer on my pals on the team "Bam Will Ace It!" (Bam/Tracy Golden, Will/Naci Berkoz, Ace/Kelsey Kirkpatrick). They ended up third overall. How awesome is THAT? After they got their awards and they gave out high overall IFCS stuff, it was time for ME to shine with my pal Santiago (who is from Mexico) in the Junior Handler Spotlight. It was super duper windy and some big old jumps fell over. Mommy says Santiago and I looked great in the ending section. Yep, I had fun in ring 1.

Loretta Vojtech shows off a sign made to cheer Rickie Roo on in the Junior Handler Spotlight. Some handlers, like Rickie Roo's mom Deborah Davidson Harpur, make signs for friends in finals events.

Then it was time for the Veterans Showcase.  To get into the Veterans Showcase, the dogs had to be at least 9 years old and have had to participated in a past Cynosport tournament. They competed in Standard, Jumpers, Snooker, and Gamblers on the same courses as the Pairs/Teams do. The dogs with the highest cumulative scores were honored in the Showcase. Both Magi (with my mom Deborah Davidson Harpur) and Stella (with Annie DeChance), who had been teammates for many years, got into the Showcase! They ROCKED it. Magi is 11 years old - almost 12 - and I sure hope I can be in a showcase when I'm that old.

After the Veterans Showcase, the President of USDAA gave a interesting speech about the history of the organization and told us a lot about the 25 years that led up to today. I had seen a "25 years of Memories" display next to the rings but it was interesting to hear it from someone who experienced it all first hand.

Photo courtesy of Karen Moureaux,

The Grand Prix Finals were next and it was fun. I was especially anxious to cheer on my friends 'cause I knew they were REALLY going to rock it. My crating space neighbor and long time pal Slick, who runs with Steve Moon, was super awesome and REALLY liked the good luck sign I made for him. He got a podium finish as did my pals Britain and Taser (who ran with Jen Pinder) and my fast little buddy Crackers who ran with Andy Mueller. They were SUPER DUPER. I cheered for everyone - even if I didn't know them!

After all of that was done it was time to go home. I had to say goodbye to all my friends who I only see once a year at the event and that was sad. I also had to say goodbye to my new friends from Costa Rica and Russia. The dogs from Costa Rica (and their handlers too) invited me to come do agility there. I asked Mommy to look into booking a trip there 'cause that would be fun. I know I want to go visit my pals in Mexico too and so maybe because of Cynosport I will become a world traveler.

A close up of a portion of the Memory Wall, showing a display for Ella Hoselton. Competitors wrote notes and memories on post its and stuck them on the wall.

Rickie Roo with editor Brenna Fender

After that we said good bye to the Cynosport Czar Tom Kula and our little buddy Han Solo. Tom STILL had a smile on his face even though he had been running around not only for the last week, but for months and months before that. I thanked him and you know what he did? He thanked ME for attending! And he said that the show was not just his doing, but that without all those volunteers it would have never happened.

Then I found my fellow USDAA reporter Julie Daniels and gave her a special present: a "Peace Love Paws" sign for her house. Now she will remember me all the way to next year. I checked in with my boss Brenna Fender and she said I did a very good job. She gave me some pets and a big smile and even though I secretly was hoping for a meatball or two, I gave her a few kisses and then said goodbye.

Cynosport Chair Tom Kula with Han Solo.Deborah Davidson Harpur, Rickie Roo, and announcer and agility competitor Julie Daniels.

We had to load the car fitting all the crates in, then all our stuff, and then us. Mommy must've looked pretty tired because one of the competitors from Japan came and took her metal crates and put them in the dogmobile for her. He did that with all seven of the crates we had! Mommy said "Arigato" and bowed and the man's face lit up and he said "You're welcome". I thought it was funny that Mommy spoke in Japanese and he spoke in English.  Just as Mommy shut the back of the dogmoblie up after loading every last thing, giant raindrops started falling from the sky. I think even the sky was sad the event was over.

We had a REALLY fun time at Cynosport. I especially liked the turf fields, the Steeplechase/PSJ Quarterfinal course, and the challenges of the other courses. I loved the excitement of the finals and especially remember the Steeplechase 26" first place tie breaker run. One day I hope to be in one of the finals too. I've been going to Cynosport for a few years now, since I was a puppy. I've enjoyed every year and have looked at how USDAA is constantly striving to make improvements on the event for the competitors. I think that is awesome. I look forward to Nashville [Editor's note: technically Murfreesboro, Rickie] next year and hope I will see you there.

All photos by Deborah Davidson Harpur unless otherwise noted.

Deborah Davidson Harpur, of Harbor City, California writes through the eyes of Rickie Roo, her a four-year-old Rat Terrier. Deborah has been involved in agility since 1998. Look for Deb and Rickie at Cynosport or find either of them on their facebook pages should you want to be interviewed for


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