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Read USDAA's Rules on Your Kindle!

Kylie Bourke takes you through the steps to load the rules in Kindle format.

Having your official USDAA Rules and Regulations with you at every trial is convenient and helpful. That's why putting them on your Kindle is really convenient. You may already know how to load PDFs on your Kindle. Using PDFs on your Kindle works but it does not take advantage of the full functionality of the Kindle. USDAA competitor Kylie Bourke takes you through the steps of loading the rules directly on your Kindle:

First - you must have a Kindle 2 or newer. This does not work on the original Kindle. If you have Kindle 2, you must have either the 2.5.6 or 2.5.8 version software (they are the same thing). Here is theĀ URL to first update your kindle software:

Once your Kindle software is updated,

1. Save the USDAA rules PDF files to your computer (there are many under 'Regulations eBook')
2. Convert them from PDF to Kindle format.

To convert to the Kindle format, there are many freeware programs available. I used Mobipocket Creator at:

For their tutorial scroll half way down the page.

Once you have converted a file or files (they call it build) you then select the file suitable for the Kindle. I did not see a Kindle book icon like their tutorial described, probably because I did not have the exact Microsoft software they quoted as compatible. So if you don't see the Amazon icon, look for the file format of "PRC."

To move the PRC or Kindle file onto the Kindle, open the "My Publications" folder which the conversion software created. Each converted PDF file then has its own subfolder created. Open the subfolder and you will see the Amazon icon or the PRC format file. (There are also other e-reader formats created which you can delete or ignore)

Once you can see the file or files you wish to put on the Kindle, connect the Kindle to your computer with its USB cable. A window will open for the Kindle with files "audible," "music," "documents," and "active-content data." Either drag or copy and paste the PRC file or files into the 'Documents" folder. Then, disconnect the USB cable from your PC. You should now see the new file or files on your Kindle! It even handled all the diagrams in the Course Design Guidelines File!

By the way, PDFs can be moved to the Kindle this way without prior conversion, however, you can't usually use many of the Kindle features on an ordinary PDF (like changing the font size). You especially cannot use the "text to speech" function on a PDF formatted file.

If you wish to use the "text to speech" feature for these or any other converted PDFs, see the following instructions:


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