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Event Report: KineticDog Tournament-Only Trial

It was another nice weekend at Orchard Hills Training Center in Barto, Pennsylvania for KineticDog's fourth Tournament-only trial! By Helen McNenly

The first weekend in December was another fun time at Orchard Hills Training Center in Barto, Pennsylvania for KineticDog's fourth Tournament-only trial! We had some challenging-but-fun courses from judge Tom Kula (thank you, Tom).

Debbie Lazaro on course with her dog, Crime. Photo courtesy of Debbie.

This one-ring trial has typically been low key in the past. Enough entries to not lose any money, but not too many to enable us to start at 9am and finish about 3pm. Not this year as the word is out! With over 1,000 runs (as compared to our usual of 700 or so), we were slammed! We were very fortunate that this site has two buildings. We were able to arrange the use of the second building and alternated between the two buildings. While one course was being run, the next course in the other building was built and open for walk through, thereby saving on course build and walk through time.

Some impromptu puppy playtime was captured on camera by Frank Heffelfinger. Murphy (the Golden Retriever) is owned by Frank and Renee Heffelfinger and Lyric (the Border Collie) is owned by Deb Lazaro.

All three tournaments were offered with both rounds of Steeplechase/Performance Speed Jumping on Friday afternoon/evening, Grand Prix/Performance Grand Prix on Sunday (with a second, later check-in for those only entered in GP/PGP) and Team/Performance Versatility Pairs on Saturday and Sunday. In addition, we not only offered both Masters Challenge classes but also "Open" Challenge classes to be run on the same Masters Challenge course but open to dogs without the required Masters titles. We had just as many dogs entered in Open Challenge as those entered in Masters Challenge. That shows that competitors do want to run these courses!

To top it off, we also offered a Challenge Finals class. Competitors had to pre-enter and it was open to any dog that was entered in both Jumpers and Standard Challenge classes, either Masters or Open. The top 50% of competitors from each jump height with a minimum of 3 and up to a maximum of 10 dogs per jump height of the combined scores from the Challenge classes moved on to the Challenge Finals. Competitors that had an E in both Jumpers and Standard were not able to advance even if the minimum numbers were not met. A total of 21 of the 33 dogs entered in the finals round were eligible to run in the Championship division and 4 of the 9 dogs entered in the Performance division were eligible to run. Launch The Dog gift certificates were awarded to the winner of each jump height.

Winners of the Challenge Finals were:
26" Strafe (Border Collie) & Roseanne DeMascio
22" E-Z (Border Collie) & Mary Ellen Barry
16" Mickle (Shetland Sheepdog) & Maureen Waldron
12" Super Sonic (Papillon) & Linda Womer

Winners of the Performance Challenge Finals were:
16" Jus (Border Collie) & Val Henry
12" Twix (Shetland Sheepdog) & Katie Conn

We also had some new titles earned this weekend:

Tournament Master:
Murphy (Australian Shepherd) & Donna Widdowson
Missy (All American) & Pat Cochran
Jack (Australian Shepherd) & Kathleen Schaefer
Beau (English Cocker Spaniel) & Fred Brazeil

Metallic Tournament Master:
Silver  Twix (Shetland Sheepdog) & Katie Conn

Lifetime Achievement Award:
Bronze - Stat (Border Collie) & Rosemarie Huey
Silver  Twix (Shetland Sheepdog) & Katie Conn
Platinum - Willin' (Border Collie) & Melanie Behrens

Congratulations to all!

Melanie Behrens and Willin' finished their LAA Platinum this weekend. This is the fourth title Willin' has earned with Tom Kula judging. He got his AAD, ADCH, P-ADCH and now LAA Platinum all with Judge Kula. He also won the Performance Versatility Pairs Tournament at Kinetic with teammates Michele Cardone and Skye. Photo courtesy of Michele Cardone.

Full results of all classes are on my website:

Helen McNenly has been involved in agility since November 1997 when she started lessons at Keystone Agility Club with her seven-and-a-half-year-old mixed breed dog, Princess. Her 13-year-old rescue Border Collie, Luce, who earned her PCDH in May of 2009, is now enjoying retirement and comes out to trials to visit with her friends and mooch treats. She currently competes with Blaze, a six-year-old rescue Border Collie mix who earned his ADCH in October of 2012. Helen started as a USDAA trial secretary in February 2006 and now represents a number of clubs in the Mid Atlantic area. She was the trial secretary for the 2011 and 2012 Cynosport World Games. Her website is


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