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Event Report: Paws in Motion

Trial secretary Helen McNenly shares the details on this recent trial.

There was a threat of a major snow storm hanging over our heads at the February 9-10 Paws in Motion trial from Friday night to Saturday morning, however, the Dream Park, New Jersey, area got through with only a dusting of snow. Most people from areas further north left home early to beat the snow, and no teams fell apart due to the weather!

This trial offered all three tournaments plus both Masters Challenge classes as well as titling classes. We ended up going to two judges, but using three rings ... thank you to Val Reiner for her starters/advanced courses! Leslie Bickel and Eric Quirouet took turns judging starters/advanced in between their own courses. They kept a wonderful, upbeat attitude despite the long day on Saturday due to timer and other glitches!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered. As usual, no trial can do it without you! And also huge thanks to the dedicated workers who all worked non stop the entire weekend! It is very much appreciated!

We had a bunch of new titles earned this weekend. One notable one belonged to handler Lisa Anne Zilney and her three-and-a-half-year-old Norwegian Elkhound, Anna. At the Paws in Motion event, Anna because the first Norwegian Elkhound to earn the prestigious Agility Dog Champion title! Here's what Lisa Anne had to say about their achievements.

"In November 2009, my partner Steve and I added a five-month-old mischief-making Elkhound named Anna to our family. She was a rescue from John Nelson Moosedog Rescue Fund, the national Elkhound rescue, and had come initially from a Pennsylvania puppy mill. Anna was possessed by non-stop energy and drove our 14-month-old Elkie Parker absolutely insane! Despite knowing nothing about agility, I thought this would be a good activity to release her excess energy, and in September 2010 I started Anna in agility classes. This was the start of a journey that truly changed my life! On February 10, 2013, just over 18 months after our very first USDAA trial, my Novice A mischief girl became the very first Norwegian Elkhound to earn her ADCH! I am SO very proud of her and our accomplishments!"

Owner/handler Lisa Anne Zilney, new ADCH Norwegian Elkhound Anna, and judge Leslie Bickel pose with Anna's new ribbon. Photo courtesy of Ann Scripko.

Congratulations to Lisa Anne and Anna, as well as the rest of the new title earners from the weekend:


Vu & Denise Visco, Agility Dog
Fiji & Kara Kingsbury, Starters Gambler
Hijack & Mary Ann Wurst, Agility Dog
True & Lyn O'Donnell, Agility Dog
Nick & Donna Ellis, Starters Performance Jumper
Toby & Maggie Ivusich, Starters Performance Jumper
Jelly Belly & Sally Zinkhan, Starters Performance Jumper
Ditto & Donna Sims, Starters Pairs
Serena & Kathleen Desvigne, Starters Jumpers
Mimi & Janice Irving, Starters Performance Jumper
Azalee & Leila Anichini, Starters Performance Jumper
Gervais & Leila Anichini, Starters Performance Jumper
Solo 6 & Judy Katzwinkel, Starters Snooker, Starters Jumpers, Agility Dog
Bodi & Tony Luzynski, Starters Snooker, Agility Dog
Winner & Paul Mount, Starters Performance Snooker


Wedgie & Lisa Topol, Advanced Gamblers
Delta & Samra Zelman, Advanced Jumpers
Sin & Michele Torok, Advanced Standard Agility, Advanced Agility Dog
Screech & Mardi Closson, Advanced Agility Dog


Bozo & Jill Bond, Performance Relay Master
Reese & Donna Sims, Performance Gamblers Master, Performance Jumpers Master
Spice & Cynthia Hornor, Master Agility Dog
Goose & Perry DeWitt, Snooker Master, Master Agility Dog
West & Maryellen Miller, Performance Tournament Master
Twix & Katie Conn, Master Agility Dog
Winslow & Pat Backskay, Masters Gamble Champion
Tres Jolie & Michelle Mamaradlo, Master Agility Dog
Anna & Lisa Anne Zilney, Masters Gamblers & Agility Dog Champion
Ripley & Heather Kolesa, Tournament Master-Gold

Congratulations to all!

Check out two of Judge Bickel's courses from the event:


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