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IFCS CCOE Team Member of the Day: Kate Moureaux

Meet another member of the US 2013 IFCS Continental Championships of Europe team!

The 2013 IFCS Continental Championships of Europe, which will be held near Girona, Spain, are coming soon. The event begins on April 4th! To help us all get ready for this exciting inaugural event, we are featuring each of our team members here on The team member of the day is Kate Moureaux!

Kate and her three-year-old Border Collie, Excel Smart Move (otherwise known as Smart) are part of Team USA's Midi division team at the CCOE. Kate and Smart live in Simi Valley, California. Kate's been in agility 1992; she started at a very young age and was one of the few juniors in agility at that time. We asked Kate a few questions about her experiences in agility and her plans for the upcoming event.

What (if anything) are you doing to prepare for the CCOE event?

We have been continuing our normal training routine.

How did you feel when you found out that you made the team?

I was very excited to be able to compete in Europe again, and I look forward to enjoying the experience with Smart!

What strengths do you think you and your dogs bring to the team (particularly on international courses)?

Smart really pays close attention to me and is a very willing turner. I believe our teamwork and connection will enable us to negotiate the international courses.

You've competed internationally before. Can you tell us about those experiences?

I competed with Smart's grandma, Quick, on the 2006 IFCS World Team in the Netherlands, and Smart's mom, Driven, on the 2008 and 2010 IFCS World Teams in Belgium and England. I also competed with Quick and Driven at the 2007 World Dog Show in Mexico City, Mexico.

Are you bringing anyone with you to cheer on Team USA?

Nope. Just Smart and me!

Are you planning to do any sightseeing or other activities while you are in Europe for the event?

Nothing formal at this time. I'm sure we will explore as we go.

Photos courtesy of Karen Moureaux,


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