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Event Report: Playing Agility with Style (PAWS)

Sandi Bixler reports on the most recent (and very successful) PAWS trial.

Spring finally arrived in New England and with it the first outdoor USDAA trial of the season hosted by Playing Agility with Style, a.k.a. PAWS, on April 27-28, 2013. The trial was held at the Franklin County Fairgrounds in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Sunscreen was needed as Mother Nature cooperated giving us warm temps and sunny days.

Starter/Advanced judge Maureen Sullivan and Masters judge Lynn Sigman provided fun and challenging courses throughout the weekend. 

A little fun trivia about Maureen: she is learning the fine art of cake decorating and brought us a delicious and beautifully decorated cake each day. Photo by Maureen Sullivan. 
Our judges will be sporting their new PAWS t-shirts. Photo by Valori Duff.

We love our volunteers. They are simply the best. There was someone always ready to jump in where needed from set up to filling the chairs in the ring to break down after the last run of the trial. Thanks to everyone for helping the trial run without a hitch. Special thanks to our key workers who were in the ring for nearly every class all weekend long: Kris Dunn, John and Lisa Marcus, Nolan Ring, Diane Eagle, Steve Desilets, Dawn Kabuchko, Chris Frado, Kathy Clement and Ellen Zieski.

How could we not take advantage of the beautiful weather? After a smooth running day of agility on Saturday, the grills were lit and everyone pitched in for our pot luck picnic. Kris Dunn fired up the smoker and served up delicious BBQ beef brisket. We also feasted on chicken, grilled veggies, lots of side dishes, ending with hot apple betty and vanilla ice cream. We all ate, laughed and talked well into the evening.

Of course the reason we were there was for agility! The dog and handler teams were awesome and many titles were earned over the weekend. Congratulations to them all:

Bunkey and Karen Lee  - Agility Dog Champion
Bean and Shannon Kelly  - Lifetime Achievement Award Silver
Kineo and Chris Lineberry  - Starters Gambler
Hank and Barbara Hyde-Fleming  - Master Agility Dog
Phoebe and Kate  - Relay Master
Sport and Julie Daniels  - Master Agility Dog
Zuni and Laurie Grace  - Agility Dog
Snitch and Bob Aylott  - Agility Dog
Rainey and Robin Goodman  - Performance Dog
Sonoma and Crystal Porter  - Agility Dog
Piper and Stephen McKay  - Standard Agility Master
Beta and Scott Hinckley  - Standard Agility Master
Roxy and Rick DeAmelio  - Master Agility Dog
Jed and Sandy Cody  - Advanced Snooker
Bud and Mike Nilsson  - Advanced Agility Dog
Ozzie and Deb Harris  - Jumpers Bronze

The PAWS Team (Valori Duff, Seth Dunn, and Sandi Bixler) says, "See everyone at our September trial!"

Sandi Bixler has been involved in agility for 10+ years and has been a strong force behind-the-scenes, helping clubs for many years. Sandi, with friends Val Duff and Seth Dunn, together started the USDAA club, PAWS. This was the first PAWS agility trial.


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