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USDAA Announces Rules Amendments

Rules amendments and update on discussions on jump heights.

USDAA has released certain specifications and regulation amendments as described below. Effective dates for some specifications are still under review and have not been established. Sufficient time will be allowed for groups to effect changes in an orderly manner. 

Many questions are being floated about jump heights, and a framework has been completed and is under review.  Due to the potential impact on competitors and groups alike, we will be sending surveys via Survey Monkey to competitors on our OVERview Newsletter mailing list and to all active groups.  The surveys will include some key provisions upon which we need your input to help finalize the framework, which we would like to complete by July 31.  Your input is valuable to us. Please watch your inbox and posts announcing the survey. 


Jumps/Hurdles  Effective date to be determined.

  • Length of jump bars for classes other than Starters, Intro and Juniors
    • Minimum length = 54" (4'6")
    • Maximum length = 60" (5'0") jump bars, poles or planks
    • 60" are recommended for all jumps
  • Weight of jump bars
    • Must not exceed 0.5 lbs. per foot
    • Maximum bar weight allowed = 2.5 lbs.  
  • Wings on hurdles must be individually free-standing (no attached ground bars between the wings are allowed) 
  • Top bar, pole or plank on a hurdle must be parallel to the ground. 
  • One additional bar may be used on a jump or hurdle as a "ground-line" bar or pole. The "ground-line" pole shall rest on a jump cup within 4" of the jump height and shall angle to the ground on the other end. 
  • Two bars on jumps in Advanced and Starters will no longer be required
  • Specifications for jump cups and other hurdle specifications are still under review and will be forthcoming.

Wall/Viaduct Jump

  • For this jump to be faulted, the blocks or other displaceable bars or poles must be displaced like a bar jump, (i.e., the height must be altered).  

Tire Jump (effective dates to be determined)

  • The regulations provide that a tire may be manufactured in a manner that the bottom or sides will separate when hit with no less than eighteen pounds (18#) of force. A maximum force of no more than twenty pounds (20#) is being added to the regulations. Further wording is being added for breakaway tires to state that the frame shall be weighted to allow the breakaway aspect of the tire to perform as designed.
  • Additionally, regarding the tire mount, the side ties that connect the sides of the tire to the frame shall be constructed of material that will allow no more than a one inch (1") lateral movement in both directions within the frame.  Elastic material (i.e., bungees) may not be used for side ties.  Side ties shall be constructed in a manner such that they will not separate when subjected to an eighteen pound pull force.
  • Wording is further modified in the regulations as follows:
    The frame should permit the suspension of the tire from four corners, the center of the top and bottom corners, or top corners and center of the bottom, or top and sides leaving at least 8" (203mm) clearance between the tire and vertical frame support on each side with enough tension to prevent the tire from twisting or shaking should a dog hit the tire. Suspension cables or chains shall not form a web in which a dog could get entangled. bungee cords or similar highly pliable tethers shall not be used for supporting tires.
  • Other specifications for the tire remain unchanged.

Spread Hurdles are further specified as:

  • Must be winged (wing must be 16" minimum width)
  • 54" (4'6") bars minimum, 60" (5'0") bars are recommended
  • If ascending, no ground-line poles or bars are required
  • If parallel, at least one ground-line bar is required on the back element, with one end of the pole or bar within 4" of the jump height and angled to the ground.

Weave Poles

  • The runout planes of weave poles are to be perpendicular to the first and second poles, effective September 1, 2013 
  • 24" span (i.e., when measured center of one pole to center of the next), effective January 1, 2017.  Span used in Cynosport® World Games will be 24" beginning in 2013.


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