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Course Analysis: 2013 Central Regional Grand Prix Championship Finals

How did this course run? Tracey Kroll sums it up.

The finals for the 2013 Central Regional Championships were run on Sunday, August 18th. The event was hosted by Casa de Canine of Greater Kansas City, LLC and held in Blue Springs, Missouri. There were 85 dogs entered in round of 2 of the Regional Grand Prix Final, with 47 dogs running in the Performance Grand Prix Regional Finals. The course was presided over by judge Eric Quirouet.

The first spot that caused problems for handlers was proceeding off the teeter to the #4 jump. Most handlers were on the dog's left from the start of the course so the #16 off-course jump did not pose a problem. Those who rotated too much on the turn to #4, however, found their dogs taking an off-course to the A-frame. Some handlers on the dog's right did have a challenge pushing the dog out to #4 past the #16 jump.

A large number of bars that were dropped were at the double jump at obstacle #13. The dogs were usually on the correct lead to take the jump, however, handlers were driving to get the far side of the tunnel at obstacle #14 and many dogs jumped the double flatter and took down the bar. Some handlers chose to front cross before the double to push their dogs past the first tunnel entrance. Almost all dogs entered the correct entrance of the tunnel. 

A number of refusals were incurred at jump #18. Most handlers were on the dog's left and some did not have the impulsion after the turn from #17 to carry the dog smoothly over jump #18. Those that had a tight line from #16 to #18 gained a significant time advantage over those whose dogs went wide after jump #16. Most handlers chose to turn their dogs to the left on the landing side of jump #18 to set up a smooth approach to the dogwalk. In some cases, the straight on approach to the dogwalk had dogs running at top speed and incurring a missed the downside contact call. 
The end of this course provided some good exercise for Judge Eric as well.  After jump 18 he was usually near the approach side of the dogwalk, having just judged the A-Frame contact four obstacles earlier and to see any refusals at jump 18. Eric did a great job sprinting to the end of the dogwalk to see the contact zone clearly and make the right call. 

Congratulations to the Grand Prix finalists and winners! 

Championship Winners:
26"  Lori Michaels and Solei 
22"  Loretta Mueller and Lynn 
16"  Melanie Miller and Smitten  
12"  Andy Mueller and Crackers 
Performance Winners:
22"  Renee King and Cisco 
16" - Kristin Sittner & Gyp
12" - Karen Park & Tuxedo
8" - Therese Fleming & Breeze

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Tracey Kroll has competed in dog agility for the past 14 years and currently runs in USDAA with her Australian Shepherd and Shetland Sheepdog. When not on course, she can be found cursing code and smashing bugs at her job as a mobile developer. She can be reached at


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