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Cynosport Practice: Long Jump

Mary Ellen Barry analyzed Cynosport judge Bob Griffin's courses and created these long-jump-focused exercises which will be useful for everyone, not just those going to Cynosport!

We set up two of the courses from Bob Griffin this past weekend and ran them with over a dozen dogs. Overall, the courses were tons of fun and I am really looking forward to seeing what Bob has in store for us in Tennessee later this month.

Here are three of Judge Griffin's courses:

On the Blackdown Agility course (the third one shown), several of the open dogs (those jumping 22" or 26") had an issue with the long jump.  Handlers were decelerating or moving laterally in order to cue the turn from the long jump to the #4 straight tunnel. The dogs were anticipating the turn and were slicing the long jump, earning a refusal. In several cases, the dogs were into the tunnel before the handlers could stop them.

I have come up with the following sequences based on that course in order to help you tune up your long jump skills in preparation for the Cynosport World Games.

Good luck and, most of all, have fun!

Mary Ellen Barry is a USDAA Cynosport Champion who has had great success both in national and international competition in addition to gaining popularity as a full time agility instructor.  She writes regularly for Clean Run Magazine and has created several training DVDs. One focuses on a simple training program for the long jump, and it can be found here:


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