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Meet the Judges: Adrienne Lynch

Part 5 in a series of interviews with judges from the upcoming 2013 Cynosport World Games.

The 2013 Cynosport World Games will be running Wednesday, October 23, through Sunday, October 27 at the Tennesee Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The event will be judged by four judges from the United States (Scott Chamberlain, Scott Lovelis, Adrienne Lynch, and Evelyn Robertson) and two international judges (Francisco Berjon from Mexico and Bob Griffin from England). These judges will each design courses for the event but they will judge a variety of courses that are not necessarily their own.

This week, we will be interviewing the judges for the big event. The spotlight today is on Adrienne Lynch, who is a partner in a civil engineering firm located in Decatur, Illinois.

Photo courtesy of Dean Lynch.

Brenna Fender: What breeds of dogs do you currently have and do they compete in agility?

Adrienne Lynch:  I currently have a 9-year-old Chocolate Labrador Retriever and a 1-year-old Border Collie. 

How did you get involved in the sport of agility? 

I had just moved to the midwest and was taking obedience classes with my Doberman Pinscher. I attended an agility seminar and then learned a local club had formed and started offering agility classes. I took a class and was hooked immediately.

Have you judged for the Cynosport Games in the past? 


Was it hard to decide to do it? 


Have you ever participated in the Cynosport World Games as a competitor? 

What courses did you design for this year's Games? 

Steeplechase and Masters Challenge Jumpers.

Do you find that designing courses for Cynosport is different than designing courses for a trial for a local or regional event? 


Are you doing anything in particular to prepare for judging this year's event? 

Not really.

How would you describe your style of course design? 

I like a flowing course that challenge the dog and handler.

What advice can you share with competitors who hope to come through with a clean run on one of your courses, at Cynosport or elsewhere? 

Enjoy the experience of running the course with your dog. I'm sure you have already trained, so do your part and just trust your partner.


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