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Cynosport: Day One

A look back on the day's competition by Deborah Davidson Harpur.

The Cynosport World Games is off and running! The first course of the event was a warm-up run. 

It was a technical course in the beginning and super smooth with speed at the end. Of the handlers we spoke to, the most common issues were from jump 4 to the dogwalk. Many dogs decided to take the tunnel and from jump 14 after the chute to the teeter. Many either dropped the bar or took a 180 off-course over jump 8. Handler Amber Abbott (Arizona) who placed 5th with her Border Collie Joker in the Championship 22" class said, "It was fast! It had a couple tricky spots (the threadle/push-through) but then had some fast open spots that tested the dogs' contacts and weave entries. It was a great warm-up, it left the dog and handler happy and mostly confident." Janelle Julyan (Georgia), who won with her Veteran dog Eve, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, told us "We really enjoyed it. Was a nice combination of letting the dogs open up and some technical skills." Megan Foster (Washington), who took 2nd place with her Jack Russell Terrier, Tommy, in the Performance 8" class said, "The course was super fun and a great way to get a taste for what's to come the rest of the week!"

Winners of the warm up runs were: Championship - 12" Masher, Papillion, Daneen Fox; 16" Stripe, Sheltie, Marcy Mantell; 22" Stat, Border Collie, Diane Sanders; 26" Fix, Border Collie V. Mortari. Performance - 8" Winnie, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, D. Paul; 12" Skecher, Sheltie, Barb Davis; 16" Trek, Border Collie, Tracy McClung; 22" Pilot, Border Collie, Tracy Hirsh. Veterans - 4" Eve, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Janelle Julyan; 8" Cheers, Sheltie, S. Champion; 12" Trouble! Border Collie, Naci Berkoz and 16" Mocha, Labrador Retriever, L. Smith.

After the warm up runs were over the Quarterfinals of both Grand Prix/Performance Grand Prix and Steeplechase/Performance Speed Jumping began. 

On the Grand Prix/Performance Grand Prix course it seemed that most errors early in the day occurred as off-courses at the number 6 jump. Instead of taking the 180 over jump 7, many dogs took the tunnel. Another common error was after the A-frame. From jump 9 to 10 many dogs took 10 the wrong direction or they ran parallel to the bar and earned a refusal. There were your usual missed contacts and surprisingly not that many dropped bars. I asked Tim and Loretta Vojtech (Wisconsin) what they found most challenging on the course. They had multiple dogs in PGP (4) and all came through clear. Tim said "Jump 4 because I almost forgot it twice," and Loretta said "The opening line was 'squishy' and encouraged a "slice" setup on the tire. After handling that challenge, getting down the power fast line was hard." Marla Cooper (California) said "GP was super fun but the most challenging section was 9 to 10. Synergy turned so tight on 9 that she easily went to backside (off course) of 10. The rest was great. Super fun course!"

The Steeplechase/Performance Speed Jumping class was fast and furious.The most common error was a non-faulted one, the weave pole entry. The only other common error was dropped bars which happend in various spots around the course. There were a large number of clean runs, so truly the fastest of the fast will make it through to the semis. Mary Obidinski (California) ran the course with her Rat Terrier, Willis, and told us: "It was fast and fun! Not a course where you could afford to do anything but just go for it!" I asked Marla Cooper what she found most challenging on the Steeplechase course with her Border Collie Synergy, and she said, "Most challenging was sharp angles from 2 to 3 and 14 to 15. Loved the balance of speed and control points. It was a super fun fast and flowing course." 

You can see all the results here.

Up Thursday: Snooker (team, pairs, veteran), Jumpers (team), and Performance Grand Prix Semi Finals.


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