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Deborah Davidson Harpur shares a recap of Thursday's action.

Day 2 of the Cynosport World Games started with a very early morning Snooker briefing. Many of the handlers chose similar paths on the course with lots of teams earning massive points  the maximum points available on this course were 58. Many earned points ranging from 48-58. Snooker is a strategy game but it seemed that many people took similar courses and got as far as they could in the closing before the whistle blew. Dawn Weaver (United Kingdom) who ran Puzzle (Papillon) in Performance Versatility Pairs Snooker, Promise (Border Collie that finished 10th), and Breezer (Bearded Collie) in the Dog Agility Masters Team event chose the 1-5, 1-6, 1-7, 1-7 strategy and said, "Snooker was a fun flowy course that you needed to handle." Mary Obidinski (California) ran Porter and Willis (Rat Terriers) in Team Snooker and Gigi (Rat Terrier) in the Veteran All around Snooker said, "The yardage in the closing was a bit deceiving and people thought they could go for high points in the opening and consequently they didn't get through the 7 in the closing. I thought it was a great Snooker course for a nationals event."

Photo courtesy of GreatDanePhotos.

Team Jumpers was a smooth, flowing course. Many handlers thought it ran easier on the course than it did on the map. In reality, when you ran it, getting to the backside of 10 wasn't as hard as people thought. Mary Obidinski ran it with her two Team dogs and said, "The jumpers course was challenging but doable." Daneen Fox (California) who ran Team Jumpers  with Masher (1st place) and Tigger (Papillons) in Team and Zen in Pairs said, "It was a nice course with fair challenges." Linda Robertson, who ran Boost and Stuff (Shelties), said, "Team Jumpers.... You could not let up for a moment and it required skills. You could not muscle your way through. The opening caused problems if [your dog didn't have a stay at the start line]. Handlers fell behind and pushed the dogs over the double going to weaves. Rear crossing [at the] weaves worked the best. Most teams handled the backside okay but struggled with the jump sequences after."
The Performance Grand Prix Semifinals was exciting to watch. There were tight spots and flowing spots so some type of challenge for every type of dog. Mary Basu (Ohio) ran Gus (Rat Terrier) and said, "It was challenging and fast. Loved the chance to run and manage a few technical spots." Beth Rogers (Illinois) was entered with Tori (Border Collie) shared, "[Tori] ran clean but got hung up in the chute. But it was a great run! The best thing I loved about this course was how people handled the opening. Going from 3-4 was so much fun to watch all the different ways to handle it. I would have loved to have had a stop watch and see which way was faster. Every thing else was pretty standard on the course."

When the day ended everyone was looking forward to the next days events which included:
" Gamblers
  - Dog Agility Masters® Team
  - Performance Versatility Pairs
  - Veterans All-Around
" Semifinals:
  - Dog Agility Steeplechase®
  - Performance Speed Jumping
" Masters Challenge Biathlon  Jumpers
  - Championship
  - Performance
" Evening Events:
  - Performance Grand Prix Championship Finals

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Deborah Davidson Harpur has been competing in agility since 1999 and is known as a handler of a wide variety of breeds of all shapes and sizes. She offers agility training classes in the Port of Los Angeles area for both recreational and competitive agility students. You can find her on facebook at or read about her dogs at


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