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Congratulations to our Top Veterans Dogs!

These dogs won in their height classes over the weekend and were honored in the Veterans Showcase.

The Showcase was run as a three dog relay event and no placements were given. However, dogs were awarded ribbons for their overall performance across all veterans events. Congratulations to our top Veterans dogs!

1. Eve Pembroke Welsh Corgi Janelle Julyan
2. Sasha Coton de Tulear Michael Weintraub
3. Rory West Highland White Terrier Judy Kozma
1. Splash Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Tammi Stone
2. Cameron Shetland Sheepdog Debbie Spence
3. Cheers Shetland Sheepdog Stephen Champion

1. Super Border Collie Linda Mecklenburg
2. Willin' Border Collie Melanie Behrens
3. Nyke Border Collie Alison Carter

1. Stella Uma Thurman Dog Annie DeChance
2. MarTini Giant Schnauzer Tim Verrelli
3. Mocha Labrador Retriever Lizabeth Smith


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