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Say goodbye to coverage of the 2013 Cynosport World Games with these behind-the-scenes photos taken largely by competitors.

A back-side view of the main ring. Courtesy of Andy Hartman.

Team Puerto Rico. From left to right: Rosarito Martinez and Baby Julianna, Nicole Pierce and Chihuahua Tiffany, Nicole Cabrera and Shetland Sheepdog Sharpie, Patricia Toro and Shetland Sheepdog Dora, Rafael Quiñones and Border Collie Indy, Sharon Gutierrez and Border Collie Jovi, Guillermo Fuertes and Border Collie Kobi, and Heidi Suarez and Border Collie Ginseng. Courtesy of Nicole Pierce Photography.

Team Japan. Courtesy of Cyd Griffin.

Tuf in the stands watching his friends......and getting his reward after his own stellar run at Cynosport. Photos courtesy of Stacey Clear.

A view of a disc demonstration and other activities outside the Tennessee Miller Coliseum. Courtesy of Andy Hartman.

Lexi checks out the horses in the Horse Science Center near the Coliseum. Courtesy of Ashley Wooten.

Kathleen Schaefer says, "Sherman is a stuffed sheep owned by competitor Kelly Wilson. He travels from place to place with Judy Reilly, another competitor. Sherman has been to several Cynosport World Games and also many regionals and countless local trials and seminars. It is not uncommon to see Sherman in various outfits and accessories or even various colors (he was dyed pink over the summer to honor the passing of Kelly's dog, Biggie). He resided in the scaffolding at the awards platform in the main ring overseeing all of the phenomenal runs that took place over the week." Courtesy of Kathleen Schaefer. 

Team Burning Ring of Fire, from left to right: Point, Jo Ellen Emswiler's Border Collie; Aly Garcia's Sheltie, Sizzle; and Karen Stinnett's Border Collie, Cash. Courtesy of Karen Stinnett.Performance Versatility Team Tuf shoots the Breez was made up of Betti Wilson and Breez and Stacey Clear and Tuf. Clear's Tee, also pictured, was the team mascot. Courtesy of Stacey Clear.

"One of the best non-competition things about Cynosport for me was that my friend Tish Hancy, who is the breeder of my dog, came down to watch the event. She'd seen very little agility, but came away from the event really inspired to do more of it with her dogs. She brought my dog's litter sister and half-sister, and we had many great romps in the fields and woods," says Peggy O'Connell. Here's a shot of the girls, hanging out near a stream just enjoying the sun not far from the Cynosport site. From left to right: Tesla (owned by O'Connell), her half sister Apple, and her litter-sister Sugar (owned by Hancy). Courtesy of Peggy O'Connell.

The Doggie Do Right ring allowed spectators to give their dogs a chance to try agility. Courtesy of Andy Hartman.

Tracey Roth's 15-week-old Beagle puppy, Codex, had a blast playing in the fields near Cynosport and meeting all kinds of dogs and people. Courtesy of Tracey Roth.Team Tuf Shoots the Breez shows off their stall decorations. Courtesy of Stacey Clear.

Longtime USDAA agility supporter Darlene Woz in the RV parking area at the Games. Courtesy of Andy Hartman.

This was the first Cynosport Erin Queen and her Cocker Spaniel, Jefferson, have attended. She says, "We may not have won anything, but the privilege of qualifying sure was a huge accomplishment considering that we weren't even competing at Masters level a year ago! He's my first dog (let alone Agility Dog) and I am so proud of how far we've come as a team. We have lots of people to thank, but I am always touched by the supportive nature of all the competitors cheering us on to a clean run." This is Jefferson posing with the Purex Queen purchased to wash the arena dirt out of her clothes. (Jefferson looks like he's afraid he's going to be washed too!) Courtesy of Erin Queen.

A herding demonstration took place on the grounds as well. Courtesy of Andy Hartman.

The competition was tiring for some.... Oscar González sat with Daniela González sleeping on his lap. Papillon Mika helped keep Daniela warm. Courtesy of Ginny González Cos.

Elizabeth Dott and her dogs took a trip to Centennial Park in Nashville, Tennessee while at the Games. From left to right: Epic, Status, and Alibi. Courtesy of Elizabeth Dott.


Competitors waiting to go into their ring for their walk throughs. Courtesy of Elizabeth Dott.

Naomi Lane and Daisy attended the event to cheer on Skyy and his handler Aschley Kezeske in their first Cynosport World Games. Here Daisy patiently waits as the Jeep is packed up for her family's drive back to Naples, Florida. Courtesy of Naomi Lane.Angie Pawinski's Sirius and Firefly went to check out the horses on a chilly morning during the event. Courtesy of Angie Pawinski. 

Here are Border Collie Wik (an almost four-year-old Cynosport competitor) and Border Collie/Staffordshire Terrier Tach (a four-month-old future Cynosport competitor), dressed as Batman and Robin. Courtesy of owner Kathy Clement.

Robert Moser, Amy Kundinger, Sarah Kundinger, Lauren Hansen, and Tee Clear wave 
"Goodbye," to the 2013 Cynosport World Games! Courtesy of Stacey Clear.


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