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Latest Rules Announcements for 2014

Standard course times, and hurdle & obstacles settings announced under the new jumping height structure for 2014

Hurdle and obstacles height settings have been established for 2014 for each of the programs. While only minor or no changes have been made for the Performance, Veterans and Intro Programs, all program specifications have been set forth in the specifications document found at the link below:

2014 Hurdle & Obstacle Height Settings

Noteworthy is that the new 14" height class will largely follow the standards for the 12" height class in a new small dog division, while the 18" height class will follow the standards for the 16" height class in a new medium dog division, all being classified as part of the Mini-dog division in the Championship Program.  Each height class will stand on its on for award purposes, unless otherwise specified in the Test Schedule for an event.  Regulations for the award of Super Qs in Snooker have also been modified. See the file reference above for details.

SCT (i.e., standard course time) tables have been redrafted to reflect the standards for all six height classes. These are reflected in the following file:

2014 SCT Tables

Both files referenced above can be found under "Rules & Regulations > Regulations eBook" section of the web site.  Agility Trial Secretary software is currently being updated by the developer to reflect these changes. 

These provisions supersede any previously published information and will be reflected in a new 2014 rule book due out in January. Questions regarding the above may be directed to


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