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IFCS Championship - Asia - Part I

OPDES makes final selections for Team Japan for 2014 IFCS World Agility Championships. Part I summarizes Saturday's activities.

The Organization for the Promotion of Dog Education & Socialization (OPDES) in Japan held the IFCS Asia Continental Championship and their final qualification trials for fielding a team to participate in the IFCS World Agility Championships in the Netherlands in 2014. Hisato Tanabe, agility director for OPDES, judged the event, setting out two Standard Agility courses, two Jumpers courses, and one each of Gamblers and Snooker. The Individual All-Around was the focus of attention.

Following are Saturday's key courses and comments on issues encountered by competitors. Top scores are provided for those who might want to set up and run the courses to see how they might stack up.

In Saturday's Agility class, top scores turned by competitors were as follows:

  • 30cm - 39.31 seconds
  • 40cm - 43.86 seconds
  • 55cm - 32.94 seconds
  • 65cm - 35.39 seconds

Grid is 5m x 5m. This translates to approximately 5 1/2 yards.

General performance issues plagued many, with dropped poles on hurdles, failure to clear the long jump, and missed down contacts on the dogwalk. The morning was hit and miss with misty rain and temperatures in the low 40s, which likely contributed to some of these problems. Course performance issues were refusal and wrong course calls at pipe tunnels and hurdle #6, where back-jumping arose due to split second indecision by some handlers.

In the Saturday's Jumpers Class:

  • 30cm - 33.85 seconds
  • 40cm - 35.07 seconds
  • 55cm - 31.89 seconds
  • 65cm - 32.04 seconds

The Jumpers course created difficulty at #11 (back-jumping), and no better than 90 degree entry on approach to weave pole entry (this was actually harder for small dogs than large dogs due to exit path from the preceding tunnel).

In the Gamblers Class:

  • 30cm - 53 points
  • 40cm - 51 points
  • 55cm - 55 points
  • 65cm - 65 points

To score above 40 points, handlers had to be successful in getting both the on-course joker for 8 bonus points (A-B-C) handled from behind the line at the A-frame, and the closing joker at a distance for 12 points. Many competitors successfully played it safe and went for the 5-point closing joker (same sequence, but no distance requirement in the closing period). The closing posed a difficult challenge in regards to time. The large dogs had 12 seconds, which proved to most challenging.

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