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Event Report: Fast and Furryous Agility

A look at this Starters/Advanced/Intro trial. By Ryan Arnold

Fast and Furryous Agility was proud to host the first outdoor USDAA trial in North Carolina in years on April 5-6 at our training field in Snow Camp! This was also the first Starters/Advanced show with Intro classes offered in the state. Over 30 competitors and dogs came from all over North and South Carolina to play USDAA on a pair of beautiful spring days! We lucked out with the weather; it was what spring in North Carolina is supposed to be like!

Photo courtesy of Ryan Arnold.

New competitors loved the small show and the relaxed, friendly environment. Our judge, Andy Hartman, made the show even better by being very accessible and supportive of our new competitors. He helped create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. 

The Intro program was especially popular. Competitors loved being able to either compete in a titling program with a dog too young for Starters or to take an experienced dog out for some For Exhibition Only (FEO) runs in which they had the opportunity to take a toy into the ring and train their dog in a trial environment. Not many shows in this area have offered these classes, so many of our local agility folks didn't know that they could enter FEO if the club allows it. They were excited to try it when they found out they could. We look forward to offering more Intro at Fast and Furryous events in the future!

More than one new competitor told us that they loved being able to try the venue and get used to USDAA in this supportive setting and that they would be back for more! Thanks to everybody who came out and helped this event be such a success and congratulations to everybody who got a Q or a new title!

Check out some of the Intro courses from this trial:

Ryan Arnold is a USDAA judge and the co-owner of Fast and Furryous Agility. More information about Fast and Furryous can be found at or at our Facebook page, 


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