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What's New in Subscriber Services?

If you're a subscriber and you haven't been logging in to check out the news page, here's what you're missing.  And if you're not a subscriber, you're missing it too!

"I honestly had no idea the Subscribers area had all of that great content! Thank you!" - Katie Trachte

Subscribers can now read a variety of new content, posted approximately four days a week (Monday through Thursday).  Since the beginning of July, more than twenty new articles have been posted for subcribers only!

What types of articles are in the Subscribers Services news area?  Here are a few examples:

Commentary (Are the Newest Training Methods the Only Right Way? By Sassie Joiris -; Leash Dependency by Bud Houston -

Reviews (Stretching the Performance Dog with Debbie Gross Saunders, Review by Brenna Fender -

Interviews (Talking With... Jean and Joel Lavalley -; Meet Bonnie and Daniel McDonald: Mother and Son USDAA Judges -

Humor (What Time Should I Get Up by Jelinda Pepper -

Training Advice (Why Train with Toys By Linda Martuch, President of Genuine Dog Gear with Brenna Fender -

Plus detailed event reports, commentary, training courses, historical articles, and so much more!

For more information or to submit an article, please contact Subscriber Services News Page Editor Brenna Fender at


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