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USDAA Agility Returns to Guatemala

Guatemala hosted a fun and successful USDAA event over the weekend.

Guatemala launched its return to the USDAA program with the Dog Sports Federation of Guatemala hosting a two-day event in Guatemala City, May 31 and June 1. Francisco Berjon from Mexico judged the event, which drew 25 dog/handler teams from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Costa Rica. 

Carlos Martinez and Mambo from El Salvador with Judge Francisco Berjon

Milena Olivia and Fenix from Guatemala
Both Championship and Performance classes were offered. Competitors ran Starters levels in Standard Agility, Jumpers, Snooker, and Gamblers, and Advanced classes in Standard Agility and Jumpers were also held. A full set of courses was run each day, providing a great experience and much enjoyment for competitors.

Two of the Starters courses used at the trial.

Gabriela Urizar and Nea from Guatemala

Mario Castro and Diva from El Salvador

To help ready newcomers to USDAA for the event, Mary Carmen, USDAA judge and event organizer for USDAA's Costa Rica affiliate, arrived several days ahead to conduct seminars in Snooker and Gamblers. This worked well for competitors as they demonstrated an understanding of the basic operations and strategies of these classes. Chief organizer Javier Sanchez, head of Dog Sports Federation, was extremely pleased with the outcome for their first event, noting that "everyone was happy." 

Lucila Sierra and Dasho from Guatemala.

Mary Carmen and Bonnie from Costa Rico.
With strong interest shown by their Salvadoran neighbors, Dog Sports Federation's next event is being planned in neighboring El Salvador the first weekend of August, with another event in Guatemala being planned for November. A judging clinic was also put on the drawing board for consideration in the not too distant future. Several competitors expressed interested in trying to attend the Cynosport World Games in California in October to see agility at its highest levels. We hope to see them there!

Mario Castro and Luna from El Salvador.


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