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Event Report: Keystone Agility Club

Read about this recent trial in Barto, Pennsylvania. By Helen McNenly

The weather on Friday wasn't the best, but the weekend turned out to be great for Keystone Agility Club's USDAA trial at Barto, Pennsylvania, June 13-15! Thanks to judges Tom Kula and Kirstie Dean for the fun courses.

Here are some examples:

There were lots of new titles earned, and one special accomplishment!

Enchanted & Ann Marie Hill - Starters Standard Agility, Agility Dog
Calypso & Kara Kingsbury - Starters Standard Agility, Starters Relay
Serena & Jenifer Brimmer - Starters Relay
Ace & Chris Macchione - Starters Performance Gambler, Starters Performance Relay
Kip & Adrienne Terrell - Starters Performance Gambler
Nori & Ken Herr - Starters Performance Jumpers
Wager & Ann Fake - Agility Dog
Sprout & Dawn Peterson - Starters Gamblers, Starters Snooker, Starters Relay & Agility Dog
Caru & Tina Fitzpatrick - Starters Standard
Obi & Jacqueline Wilhelmy - Agility Dog

Moxie & Maggie Savory-Posselius - Advanced Agility Dog
Kit & Jeremy Haag - Advanced Standard Agility, Advanced Agility Dog
Spirit & Diane Battis - Advanced Standard Agility
Groovy & Charlotte O'Tiarnaigh - Advanced Snooker
Zach & Stacey Modica - Advanced Gamblers, Advanced Standard Agility, Advanced Snooker & Advanced Agility Dog
Enchanted & Ann Marie Hill - Advanced Jumpers
Lina & Bonnie Opal - Advanced Agility Dog
Kip & Adrienne Terrell - Advanced Performance Jumpers
Lizzie & Karen Wagner - Advanced Performance Standard Agility
Heist & Nicole Fischer - Advanced Agility Dog

Tempo & Linda Husson - Relay Master
Myles & Anita Weiss - Performance Jumper Master
Emma & Kathi Dunlap - Performance Jumper Master
Cash & Donna Widdowson - Snooker Master, Snooker Champion
Whim & Pat Wellheuser - Relay Master
Hijack & Mary Ann Wurst - Master Agility Dog
Phire & Ann Marie Hill - Standard Agility Master
Johnny B & Janet Gauntt - Standard Agility Master
Grace & Dave Mueller - Veteran Standard Champion
Cache & Tom Ford - Master Performance Dog

Anna & Lisa Anne Zilney - Performance Snooker Bronze
Stewart & Linda Keller - Performance Snooker Bronze
Bozo & Jill Bond - Relay Bronze
Fixx & Rosemarie Huey - Standard Bronze
Phire & Ann Marie Hill - Jumpers Silver
Nutmeg & Kathy Butler - Performance Jumpers Silver
Zeke & Jeannie Bonsignore - Snooker Platinum
Super Sonic & Zac Womer - Standard Platinum

In addition, Sequel and Janet Gauntt completed the notable accomplishment of earning 100 qualifying scores in Master Standard. Impressive!

Janet Gauntt and Sequel. Photo courtesy of Janet Gauntt.
Congratulations to all!

Helen McNenly has been involved in agility since November 1997 when she started lessons at Keystone Agility Club with her then seven-and-a-half-year-old mixed breed dog, Princess. Luce, a rescued Border Collie, and Helen competed together for 10 years, earning the PDCH and Accomplished Snooker Dog - Platinum. She currently competes with Blaze, an eight-year-old rescue Border Collie mix who earned his ADCH in October of 2012. Helen started as a USDAA trial secretary in February 2006 and now represents a number of clubs in the Mid Atlantic area. She was the trial secretary for the 2011 - 20013 Cynosport World Games. Her website is


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