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2015 Tournament Rules Announced

The rules for the 2015 tournaments are now available.

USDAA is pleased to release the 2015 tournament regulations.  An earlier than usual release allows time for groups to consider their fall season offerings in anticipation of upcoming changes. The new rules will be in effect for the 2015 tournament season running from September 2, 2014, through September 7, 2015.

Things to watch for this year are further developments in the Biathlon.  Biathlon tournaments can be held at the local level for qualification towards eligibility in the 2015 season. This was previously available only at Regional Championships, and permits potential qualification without having a zero fault round. Earning qualifications for the tournament through the Challenge title classes is still available as an option, but two of each class will be required. Also when running in a biathlon at a local event, titling qualifications, top ten points and lifetime achievement awards can be available in the individual classes if zero fault rounds as measured against a standard course time are earned. Groups offering the biathlon qualifier will announce in their Test Schedules whether concurrent title class scoring will be offered at their event. 

Other notable changes include two qualifications required in team or versatility pairs, which now makes all tournaments require two qualifications toward eligibility. In Grand Prix, Performance Grand Prix, Steeplechase and Performance Speed Jumping, a bye will be awarded to all medalists in the respective tournament Regional Championship finals, provided they have met the qualifying score requirements. Entry directly into the semifinals of these tournaments requires two Qs in local or round 1 regional competition. Also, for general eligibility in a Program (i.e., Performance or Championship), 25% of the titling qualifications earned during the tournament Qualifying Period must also be from the same Program as the the majority of qualifications earned in tournaments within that Program. 

Check out the new regulations at the links below for all the changes coming in the next year's tournament season. 

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