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Training Exercises: Central Regional Courses

Set up these Starters and Advanced courses for your students or yourself!

The 2014 Central Regional Championships ran from August 15-17, and many of the Tournament courses are already available on Here are some Starters and Advanced courses that you can set up for your students. This might be a good chance for your students to brush up on their Snooker skills, plus, you can point out the differences in each course between the Starters and Advanced levels. This will help those new to agility learn what to expect and train for in the future. 

This article is part of USDAA's Training Tuesday series that is appearing on USDAA's facebook page. We encourage you to discuss this course on our facebook and to upload videos of you and your dog trying out one of the segments or the whole course. If you have a facebook account, please join in the fun here:


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