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Cynosport Judge: Dave Hanson

Hear what Cynosport judge Dave Hanson has to say about getting ready for this year's event!

The 2014 Cynosport World Games are almost here! The event kicks off on Wednesday, October 15, and concludes Sunday, October 19 in Morgan Hill, California. (Visit for live stream and on-demand details.) Judges John Zhao, Eric Quirouet, Janet Gaunt, Hisato Tanabe, Adrienne Lynch, Tim Laubach, and Dave Hanson will be presiding over the Games. Before the event, we are going to take a little time to get to know each of the judges, so watch for question and answer sessions with them in the coming days. Today, meet Dave Hanson!

Name: Dave Hanson
City/State: Kerrville, Texas

You have lots of experience at the Cynosport World Games in various capacities. Have you ever judged the Games before?

I judged at the event before it was "Cynosport" in Cleveland in the late 90's. Recently, I have been one of the chief course builders for the event.
Have you ever been a competitor at Cynosport?

In the early 90's I competed with my Golden Retriever when the "finals" were held in Houston and San Antonio (when the jump height was 30 inches).
Tell us about your dogs.

Nimbus (Golden Retriever), Flare (Golden Retriever), and Ash (Australian Shepherd). Flare is my wife's dog. Nimbus is now retired from agility but does nursing home visits and participated in the school reading program. Ash is current competing in agility and, based on last weekend, loves tunnels, especially off-course tunnels!

What have you done, if anything, to prepare yourself to judge at Cynosport?

Not a lot as I'm probably going to be used during the first two days when all six rings will be in action. I will have to refresh on the Power and Speed rules.
What kinds of challenges do you expect you might experience while judging at the event?

The weather and the length of the days judging plays a large part in the "challenge" of judging at Cynosports. From the on-course judging, the speed of the dogs requires the judges to maintain their concentration for each run.
If you could give Cynosport competitors one piece of advice, what would it be?

Embrace the atmosphere of event knowing you are one of the few to have made it. Savor your successes on the course and enjoy the watching dogs from different part of the US and overseas.

Photo courtesy of Caroline Hanson.


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