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2014 Cynosport World Games Day 5

The event drew to a close on Sunday with celebrations, a showcase, and some great agility!

The last day of the 2014 Cynosport World Games started off with Masters Biathlon/Performance Masters Biathlon Challenge Jumpers. All dog and handler teams with clean runs in the Masters Biathlon/Performance Masters Biathlon Challenge Standard classes ran their Jumpers class in the main ring while being live streamed with commentary from Andy Hartman and Julie Daniels. The winners were announced later, after all the rings had finished running the course, because a faulted Standard round did not take a team out of the running for a placement in the overall Biathlon. After that, there was a brief closing ceremony, the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award - Diamond, and then the Veteran's Showcase.  The Diamond award requires 1,000 qualifying scores at the Masters level. This year, Katrina Parkinson and Maddie were only the seventh team to ever receive this award. Read more about the LAAs earned. The Veteran's Showcase honored the top three Veteran dogs in each jump height. Finally, the event came to a close with the Grand Prix of Dog Agility Championships. See the results and courses.


The Flag ceremony


The Lifetime Achievement Award - Diamond presentation. (Photos by Karen Moureaux,

The 2014 Cynosport World Games were full of fun, friendship, and fantastic agility. There were many amazing stories to be told, from Lisa Barrett (who doesn't have a dog to run right now) borrowing Christine Rediker's dog, Giddy Up, and taking her all the way to the Performance Speed Jumping Championship Finals, to Jennifer Crank winning the 12" Grand Prix Championships just six weeks after having a baby (pretty good year for her, right?). And there were so many more! 

  Lisa Baird

Lisa Barrett and Giddy Up. Photo by Deborah Davidson Harpur

There were fun stories too, from in-the-ring snafus (like two dogs on the seesaw at once) to amazing moves (like a handler or two, who shall remain nameless, who fell down in the ring but were still able to direct their dogs and finish without a fault). And did you see Mother Mary Margarita and Sister Constant Agony, the two nuns who graced various Cynosport locations with their good-luck presence? Those two "ladies" have traveled across the world to agility events and were welcome at the Cynosport World Games as well (thanks to nun-mom Kathy Morgan and nun-guardian Judy Reilly).


Mother Mary Margarita and Sister Constant Agony. Photos by Karen Moureaux, 

Also, what about those little army men?  They appeared all over the site in various positions, battling on top of trashcans, fighting in the ladies' room, and posing on top of agility equipment and men's hats. Rumor has it that the competitor behind the prank has the initials A. N., but we cannot confirm.


Can you see them?

Chute crop

There they are!


How did one get on judge Tim Laubach's hat? (Photos by Brenna Fender)

Many competitors took advantage of the wide-range of vendors available to buy clothes, toys, equipment, gifts, treats, and more. Event sponsor Petcurean gave away bags, samples, and other goodies to many spectators and competitors. Lots of competitors took advantage of other on-site events as well. Dogs went racing after a lure, jumping in a pool, scenting for rats, competing in World Cynosport Rally, and more. Rachel Sanders and others also raised money for the upcoming IFCS World Agility Championships team by hosting a practice ring, so competitors worked their dogs there for fun or to help prepare for the week's competition.


Great judges helped make the 2014 Cynosport World Games very successful. From left to right: John Zhao, Janet Gauntt, David Hanson, Adrienne Lynch, Eric Quirouet, Tim Laubach, Hisato Tanabe (Photo by Karen Moureaux,

Just as with any major sporting event, there were tales of triumph and of heartbreak, but there were also lots of laughs and good times with friends. Although it was great to get back home to our regular lives, it sure was hard to say "Goodbye."


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