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2014 USDAA Hall of Fame Inductees, Part 2

Congratulations to the new members of USDAA's Hall of Fame!

Yesterday, we introduced you to the 2014 USDAA Hall of Fame inductees, with special focus on the "new" Pioneers of Agility. Today, take a look at the accomplishments of the 2014 Meritorious Service Awards winners:

Karey Krauter

USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch and Karey Krauter.

For nearly 20 years, this Karey Krauter has been the driving force behind northern California's very successful USDAA market. As an early member of the Bay Team, she has been instrumental in helping grow the club to over 350 members and making it one of the largest, most respected and most admired clubs in the country. 

She has held nearly every club position and has been secretary for countless shows. Her immeasurable hours of work and tireless contributions to the Bay Team have been an inspiration to fellow club members and competitors alike. 

There has been no task that Karey has shied away from, and she always does everything with a positive attitude and a smile. Her reach extends into all of the other clubs in the region since she volunteers to secretary many other shows, and helps in any way possible. 

The examples Karey sets has been very unifying for the northern California agility community and has made USDAA competitors in the region feel like they are part one big happy family. 

There are few other people who have committed more time and worked harder to make USDAA the success it is in the Bay area and Karey Krauter is truly deserving of this award.

Dave Hanson & Tim Laubach

Dave Hanson, Tim Laubach, and Tatsch.

As judges, course reviewers, instructors at judging clinic, course builders and competitors, there isn't much that Dave Hanson and Tim Laubach have not provided to the dog agility community in the past 20 years.

If you've been to Cynosport for the past 10 years or more, you've seen both of them working tirelessly and strategically to ensure every course is built to the exact same specifications. It's not only a science, but an art, and these two do it successfully and with a smile on their faces. In some years, like the last in Tennessee, they worked until 3 or 4 in the morning to have the courses built, staked and ready to run when competitors arrived to walk them at 6:30 a.m.

Both gentlemen have been instrumental in course designs over the years, ensuring the appropriate challenges are presented at the three titling levels (Starters, Advanced and Masters). Their time, passion and dedication to the sport have given us 24" spacing in our weave poles and safe, fun, and challenging courses to play on every weekend. 

It's our pleasure to induct Dave Hanson and Tim Laubach in USDAA's Hall of Fame for their meritorious service to USDAA and the sport of agility. 

Lisa Barrett, Kit Erskine, Lynne Von Trapp and Judy Kessler

Tatsch, Judy Kessler, Lisa Barrett, Lynne Von Trapp, and Kit Erskine.

Since 2004, several core members of NOMAD (Northern Magic Agility Dogs) have made the trek to the Cynosport World Games just to volunteer at this great event. From Scottsdale to Murfreesboro and now Morgan Hill, Lisa Barrett, Kit Erskine, Lynne Von Trapp and Judy Kessler have given up their valuable vacation time to make sure the main ring at Cynosport runs efficiently.

There have only been a few times that any of them have actually run a dog at the event. They come and volunteer for the sheer love of agility and prestige of being part of Cynosport.

These four people are always smiling, pleasant to work with, willing to accommodate folks, answer questions and cheer for every single dog that runs in their ring, no matter the result. They guarantee that the main ring is continually running smoothly, whether it's the for the warm-up runs on the first day or the Grand Prix finals on Sunday afternoon. If you ask them why they do it year after year, the answer is always, "Because we love agility and we have so much fun attending each year. It's not 'work,' it's fun!"

Their passion and dedication has even inspired several other NOMAD members to make the trip with them over the years, but the four core members who have barely missed a Cynosport in 10 years are Lisa Barrett, Kit Erskine, Judy Frey and Lynne Von Trapp.

Thank you for demonstrating to others the love of agility and the true meaning of sportsmanship and giving back to the agility community for the past 10 years. 

All photos courtesy of Karen Moureaux,


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