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USDAA Founder Kenneth Tatsch in the News

Dog Fancy magazine celebrates "45 People Who Changed the Dog World," including USDAA's president, Kenneth Tatsch!

In Dog Fancy's March 2015 issue, the magazine lists 45 of the most influential people in the dog world. These people have made "lasting contributions to dogs and dog lovers." The alphabetically-ordered list includes:
  • Notable veterinarians like R.K. Anderson, D.V.M., co-inventor of the Gentle Leader head collar and Easy Walk harness, who helped found Pet Partners (Delta Society), a well-known pet therapy association, and Jean Dodds, D.V.M., who is known for her revised vaccination schedule and other accomplishments.
  • Scientists with a canine focus, like Ada Boyko, PH.D., who "studies village dogs around the world" to research genetic diseases and other topics.
  • Dog trainers like Jean Donaldson, whose book The Culture Clash: A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding the Relationship Between Humans and Domestic Dogs changed the way many people view their pets, and Ian Dunbar, BVETMED, PH.D., whose books, videos, and training programs have "helped change how dogs are trained." 
  • And many more notable people who have had a great impact on both dog sports and dog lives in general.

USDAA President

Of special interest, along with well-known veterinarians, authors, dog trainers, scientists, advocates, and innovators, is USDAA's own Kenneth Tatsch. Author Kim Campbell Thornton says, "Tatsch is credited with bringing organized dog agility to the U.S. He founded the United States Dog Agility Association in 1986 and the first national championship tournament series in North America in 1988."

Dog Fancy is re-launching as Dogster with the April issue, but the 45th anniversary issue (and the last as Dog Fancy) is available now.


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