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Two-Sentence Training Tips

We finish National Train Your Dog Month with some great advice!

In honor of National Train Your Dog Month, we asked competitors to share up to two-sentences worth of training tips. Check out this great advice:

Keep it positive!
--Erica Cramer 

[Have] patience.
--Sharon Fortune 

Keep it simple. Always have fun!
--Annie DeChance 

Think about what you are rewarding!
--Cathy Hake 

The other dog's cookies are always tastier than your cookies. Be willing to swap treats with other handlers during group training to keep dogs focused on earning those cookies.
--"Widget T. Conure" 

When the dog thinks they are training you, you have succeeded.
--Kristin Wolter

Keep it fun, fun, fun for you and the dog!
--Katie Mogowski

Always be your dog's advocate and their voice. Unless you have Shelties, then you can just be their advocate.
--Ariel Agenbroad 

Ariel Agenbroad's Dodger knows how to use his own voice, thank you very much. Photo courtesy of Ariel Agenbroad.

Only five words to sum up all dog training, from the dog's point of view: "What's in it for me?" Figure this out and they will give you all they have.
--"Devora Agilebrainz"

Make training not seem like a necessity or chore. Make it a game, and the dog will love playing it!
--Carly Moses 

My biggest training tip is to teach a dog the "Leave it" command. I use it to keep my dogs from wanting things on the ground, and to keep their focus off other dogs while out for a walk or walking to the ring. I think it's one of the best commands we can teach them.
--Terry Elison 

Let the trainee watch a trained dog first. They really do learn faster having seen it done by another.
--Carol Denny 

Keep sessions short and sweet so that you leave your dog wanting more! 
--Diane Battis

Thanks to everyone for sharing their two-sentence training tips! Keep training!


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