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Training Exercises: Tunnel Discrimination Part 3

Elizabeth Dott kicks tunnel discrimination training up a notch by adding movement and working it in a sequence. 

In Tunnel Discrimination Parts 1 and 2, we taught our dogs the "close" and "out" cues so that, when faced with a tricky tunnel entrance discrimination, our dogs can be verbally cued to take the correct entrance.

We started close to the tunnel, but today we work the tricky tunnel entrance into a sequence. 

Watch the video below for instruction, and then try the course yourself. Start with your dog on the right so you can work the "out" tunnel from #1 to #3.

At the end of the video, there are clips from two runs at the Pals & Paws USDAA trial in Jacksonville, Florida, March 8-9. The "out" and "close" tunnel discrimination cues are put to use successfully under judges Kellie Verrelli and Paul Stolzenburg.

This article is part of USDAA's Training Tuesday series that is appearing on USDAA's facebook page. We encourage you to discuss this exercise on our facebook and to upload videos of your class or training group playing this game. If you have a facebook account, please join in the fun here:

Elizabeth Dott has been competing in agility since 1993. She owns Legendary Agility Training (named after her heart dog, Legend) in Altamonte Springs, Florida. She has competed at the national Level and has put several championships on her dogs over the years. She has also helped many of her students achieve their own championships as well. In addition, Elizabeth runs Legendary Dog Designs and makes custom collars and leashes with agility in mind. She can be reached for questions or classes at


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