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Intro Trial Fun!

Leaps N Bounds recently held an Intro Trial that was great fun! Photos and article by Annie DeChance

More than 25 people entered the Leaps N Bounds Agility Intro Trial on the evening of April 10th in Peoria, Arizona. For many of the competitors, not only was this first USDAA trial, it was also their first agility trial ever!

Competitors walking the course.

Amber Abbott and Alicia Nicholas did a great job of providing a fun, low stress environment for competitors. They took time to explain all of USDAA's rules, suggest game strategies and were always there to answer any question that came up. They also encouraged everyone to have fun with their dog and to reward them during their runs.

Getting ready for the briefing....

General briefing

Competitors were encouraged to write down three goals to achieve at this show on the "Goals Board." If they met all three goals, their dogs were rewarded with a tasty chicken foot. This helped take some of the show pressure off of competitors and helped redirect their focus to working positively with their dogs.

The Goals Board

To keep competitors focused on achieving their goals, they also created the "You'll Know It When You See It" award for the person who had the most fun with their dog, even if the run wasn't perfect. That award went to Jennifer Coleman.

Congratulations to Jennifer Coleman!

Since this was an evening trial, it was also a potluck, and everyone brought a little something to share. If you left hungry, it was your own fault!


Intro judge Sam Marquez had fun courses with just enough challenge for the new handlers and/or young dogs just starting out. He also showed incredible composure during each run.

Here comes the judge!

Everyone pitched in to help throughout the evening, and six incredible people came out just to volunteer their time so competitors could focus on the course and their dogs. A special thank you goes to Ronnie Marquez, Lee Olson, Devora Locke, Evelyn and Kymberlee Kass-Williamson and Ruth Demar (pictured from left to right below) for coming out just to help with this show.

The volunteers were so helpful!

The competitors had a great time, learned a lot about agility, their dogs and their handling skills. They also made new friends, reconnected with old friends and can't wait to enter Leaps N Bounds next Intro Trial in May!



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