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Agility Trial Wedding

Happy 1st anniversary to long-time USDAA judge Lynn Sigman and Greg Morgoglione. Learn more about their agility trial wedding! By Pam Jacoby

So what do 140 dogs, 85 competitors, numerous invited guests, a camp resort, a professional photographer, an airplane and a heart shaped course map have to do with an agility trial?

Answer: Everything if you are Lynn Sigman, a 20-year USDAA judge, a full-time agility teacher and competitor, and owner of MADCo, LLC in Virginia.

Lynn and MADCo are known for hosting two trials in the spring and fall each year at Misty Mountain Camp Resort in Crozet, Virginia. When Lynn announced to her students and agility friends that she became engaged to Greg Morgoglione in the fall of 2013, everyone agreed that they should wed at Misty Mountain in the spring. Understanding the enormous task of planning a wedding and hosting a three-day agility trial at the same time, gal pals met with Lynn and Greg to plan a May 3, 2014 wedding with activities.

Since Lynn is a die-hard lover of all types of tie-dye clothing, friends CJ Beauchamp, Nancy Engleman,  Renee Filep, Pam Jacoby ("the wedding planner"), Elizabeth Bain, Carolyn Noteman and Suzan Roberts helped to design tie-dye streamers, create the bridal bouquet and contribute to decorations and services for the celebration.  Good friend Lynne Brubaker, professional photographer, shot before, during and after pictures of the ceremony to create a one-of-a-kind electronic album.

Photos courtesy of Lynne Brubaker. Fly-over photo by Mike Jacoby and Ken Ring.

Lynn's fiancé Greg Morgoglione, who is a singer-song writer, designed wedding gift favors for all attendees: a coral T-shirt stating "Misty Mountain MADCo Agility --- Lynn & Greg got married and all I got was this T-shirt...." The back of the shirt featured a line from his love song to Lynn, which performed at the opening of the wedding ceremony. It said, "Animate  the spirit/Personify the lyric." 

Eighty-five-plus competitors, family, friends, children, residents from "Golden Living - The Cedars" (a nursing home), campers from the Misty Mountain Campground and about 140 dogs attended the wedding. With a backdrop of weathered wooden crates and a tie-dye balloon arch, Lynn and Phire the Vallhund flower dog processed through a row of 14 red-winged Snooker jumps (nobody called out "1" when she and Phire went through the red wings). Ring bearer Ringo Phire (Phire's son and Lynn's agility teammate) sported a black bow-tie and carried the bride and groom's rings on his collar.  

A high point of the wedding occurred when Lynn and Greg said, "I do." All dog handler attendees then pressed their clickers for a job well done!

USDAA judge Janet Gauntt created a heart-shaped course map, workers marked it out using stakes and tunnels, and the crowd took their places after the ceremony to form a 100' by 100' heart around the newlyweds.  The wedding guests, all sporting their coral T-shirts, waving custom tie-dye MADCo streamers, and holding one to three dogs on leashes, created a colorful, memorable scene for a fly-over photo shoot by Mike Jacoby and Ken Ring from a single engine plane.  

Everyone was encouraged to take pictures and videos throughout the wedding day and share them on Lynn and Greg's Crazy Agility Trial Wedding album

Special toasts given by USDAA judges Janet Gauntt and Claire Schwartz, long-time friends of Lynn and Greg, were shared during the pot-luck wedding reception where scores of delicacies were enjoyed in the picnic reception area brightened by luminary lights. Tie-dye decorations were woven through the overhanging trees, and everyone enjoyed a specially designed tie-dye wedding cake created for Lynn and Greg by the trial's food vendor, Morsel Compass. 

The universal comment heard: "This was the MOST fun wedding I've ever attended, and I even got to bring my dogs!"

Happy Anniversary, Lynn and Greg!

Pam Jacoby is a 15-year agility-addicted competitor who enjoys traveling to weekend trials and sharing a cabin with four women and 12-15 dogs. She values all the friendships she has gained in the dog-agility world. (Her husband, Mike, especially likes those WFWs:  "Wife Free Weekends.") Pam trains with Averill Ring at Mountain View Dog Training and with Lynn Sigman at MADCo. She lives in Bristow, Virginia, with her husband and English Springer Spaniel pups Jessie and Macy.  


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