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A.C.E. Agility's 25th Anniversary

A.C.E. Agility celebrates 25 years of USDAA trials. 

On May 2nd, A.C.E. Agility celebrated their 25th anniversary of hosting USDAA trials in Massachusetts. USDAA President Ken Tatsch attended this milestone event. 

The weather was perfect for an outdoor celebration and added to the festive ambiance of the occasion. Ken brought some of the group's original paperwork to help reminisce about the early days of the sport.

Genie Franklin, one of the founding members of ACE, with USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch.

Visiting with all the competitors was a real treat for Ken. He connected with one of the original members, Genie Franklin, who helped put agility on the map in this area. He also visited with A.C.E.'s newest and youngest members of the group, Rylie, Mikie and Britney Zager. 

Ken tested everyone's knowledge of A.C.E.'s history by having them participate in a trivia pop quiz, with two simple questions:
  1. What does A.C.E. stand for?
  2. What is the dog's name in their logo?*
Everyone enjoyed the event, the anniversary cake, remembering the founding members of A.C.E. and recalling the great memories of the early trials from 25 years ago.

Ken A.C.E.'s newest (and youngest) members: (from left to right) Rylie, Mikie and Britney Zager.  They are the grandchildren of ACE member Mary McCulloch.
Congratulations to A.C.E. Agility on an amazing accomplishment and for pursuing excellence in agility, confidence and enthusiasm.

At right, from the left, Ken, Ryan Arnold, Lisa Barrett, Val Reiner, Tom Henning, Trisha Stall and Mark Wirant.

Some of the club members who were at the trial posed together. 1st row kneeling in front of the A-frame: Mary McCulloch, Britney Zager, Rylie Zager and Mikie Zager.  Standing to the right of the A-frame: Nancy Obara, David Nitka, Beth Fatse, Marie Gedney, Jamie Yates-Yee and Genie Franklin.

*1. Agility, Confidence and Enthusiasm.
  2. Learn about "Suzy" on A.C.E.'s website.


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