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Twister Agility Hosts First Regional

Competitors from around the country had a great time at The Plains Regional, hosted by this hard-working group.

In 2013, Oklahoma group Twister Agility held their first USDAA trial and were hooked instantly. Nancy Haddock, Twister Agility's owner, says that USDAA has fun, challenging courses and friendly, supportive competitors, which is the perfect combination when working and playing with your dogs.

Ten-year-old Twister Agility typically holds three or four USDAA trials a year. On May 8th through 10th, they held their first Regional Championship event: the Plains Regional. (Watch a few videos on our YouTube Channel and see results and courses.)

Nearly 184 dog/handler teams from 19 different states attended the three-day event. Competitors from North Carolina, Florida, Utah, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, New Mexico, Missouri, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Arizona, and Minnesota were all in attendance. Scott Lovelis and Terry Smorch judged the two-ring, indoor event and did a great job explaining the courses and cheering for every competitor.

Twister set up a beautiful podium for Regional winners. 

Competitors from near and far complimented Twister for the great job they did hosting the event and also for keeping them informed about the possibility of tornadoes touching down throughout the weekend. Nancy said even though she's never seen a tornado in her more than 40 years of living in Oklahoma, it's something she does not take lightly. The local weather folks can actually pinpoint block-by-block where a tornado will touch down. Nancy took every precaution to inform competitors about what to do if they were warned about the impending weather. Thankfully, there were no emergencies and the event continued as planned.

Competitors complimented Twister Agility on running a great trial. Photo courtesy of Scott Lovelis.

According to Nancy, one of the reasons the trial ran smoothly was because of all the wonderful volunteers who stepped up to help. She had a core group of workers that didn't even run dogs. She also hired experienced trial secretary Karen Nenow to help keeps things running smoothly. Karen and Heather Rabalais worked to quickly post scores throughout the weekend.

The group also had great course builders who stayed late to move equipment off the fields so the dirt could be worked each night. They also came in early each morning to set the courses after the surface was in perfect condition. Plus, if there was ever a position that needed to be filled, competitors never hesitated to jump in to help.

In planning for their first Regional Championship, Nancy said she really didn't do anything different than she does for a regular trial. She looked at it as a regular trial with extra amenities thrown in for competitors.

The ribbon table was beautiful!

Twister Agility's can-do, laid-back attitude is no doubt the reason their first Regional Championship was so successful! Congratulations to Twister Agility on holding a great Regional and to all the competitors who attended, whether you made it to the podium or not.

Photos courtesy of USDAA unless otherwise noted.


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