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Event Report: Not Memorial Day Trial

John Marcus reports on the Riverside Canine Center of New Hampshire's Not Memorial Day Memorial Day Weekend trial. 

Riverside Canine Center of New Hampshire held its second annual "Not Memorial Day Memorial Day Weekend" trial in North Smithfield, Rhode Island, on Friday, May 22 through Sunday May 25. 

The judges can really set the tone for a trial and Ashley Anderson was incredibly nice to the Starters/P1 and Advanced/P2 competitors and dogs while presenting them with fast, fun courses. New-to-USDAA competitors were presented with an Agility Record Book courtesy of Clean Run to help them keep track of their dogs' runs. 

Check out one of Judge Anderson's courses:

This was a really fun, flowing course that offered different options for handling #1-#4. Plus, the straight tunnel (also known as: "Puppy Cannon") at #8 and #10 made for some excitement, particularly if the handler had to go out to the #9 jump to get the wrap and fell behind the dog.

Masters/P3/Veterans judge Francisco "Paco" Berjon traveled from Mexico City and was welcomed by the New England crowd who loved his courses, sense of humor, and joy in cheering on all the dogs. He definitely made an impression.

His Pairs course was particularly interesting:

The first half of this course had an A-frame/tunnel discrimination twice, with the #7 jump being tricky if you had to babysit the #6 A-frame. The second half appeared easy except for the wrong course dogwalk after the #4 non-wing jump. However, there were several boxes which offered tempting wrong courses, including the #1 jump to #2 teeter after the exchange and the #9 to #10 finish. The first two obstacles were especially difficult if there was a problem with the baton exchange or the second dog broke its start line stay.

Saturday morning, Ring 2 was stopped briefly so that everyone could watch the Veterans Jumpers retirement run of 10-1/2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel "Elmo," owned by the author. This very special dog is one of two Cavaliers to have earned the USDAA Lifetime Achievement Award-Silver and the crowd cheered wildly as he laid down a clean run in 32.76 seconds. He will still be a fixture at local trials but will be sitting in laps instead of running courses. Watch Elmo's retirement run

Thank you to our competitors who stepped in to volunteer when needed, ran their dogs with joy and enthusiasm and kept the energy level high for three days. We have a talented team of scorekeepers, course builders, volunteer coordinators and helpers who made the trial run smoothly so that there was time for socializing at the end of the day. And of course our wonderful, efficient and kind trial secretary was a huge help.
The author and Elmo. Photo courtesy of Lisa Marcus.Congratulations to those who earned new titles and those who had other successes with their agility partners. 

New titles as reported to us, and there were probably more:
  • Clewe and Rachel Henry, Relay Master
  • Zippy and Jodi Winialski, Advanced Standard Agility
  • Hana and Dianne McCormick, Agility Dog Championship-GOLD
  • Finbar and Chris McQuillen, Starters Performance Gambler
  • Wik and Kathy Clement, Snooker Champion-PLATINUM
  • Gromit and Rachel Henry, Performance Gamblers Champion-BRONZE
  • Flier and Donald Brewster, Advanced Agility Dog
  • Abbie Einstein and Mike Jones, Agility Dog
  • Mulligan and Tina Ackerman, Performance Jumpers Champion-BRONZE
  • Leroy and Pam Mannes, Agility Dog
  • Trudy and Sandi Bixler, Performance Jumpers Champion
  • Misty and Alicia Cyr, Advanced Snooker
  • Fabulous and Darlene Hunt, Agility Dog Championship
  • Pearl and Paula Northrup, Advanced Performance Gambler
  • Trooper and Maureen Sullivan, Starters Snooker
  • Slick and Alanna Kelly, Advanced Agility Dog
  • Sankaty and Cayla Teller, Starters Performance Gambler
  • Striker and Seth Dunn, Lifetime Achievement Award-SILVER, Performance Jumpers Champion-GOLD
  • Taxi and Deb Hunt, Tournament Master-BRONZE
  • Rider and Susan Billings, Agility Dog
  • Spry and Beth Szczgiel, Agility Dog
  • Bestie and Kelly Wilson, Advanced Agility Dog
  • Tuuli and Christopher Holm, Agility Dog Champion-Gold
  • Aidan and Lori Kline, Jumpers CH-Bronze
  • Ocean and Cristin Hardy Larson, Starters Performance Gambler and Starters Performance Jumpers
Please join us August 7-9 in North Smithfield, Rhode Island, for titling classes, team and the first annual Riverside Strategy Cup!

John Marcus lives in Vermont. He and his wife, Lisa, raise and train Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and compete in agility throughout New England. They have started a new adventure together with their first Border Collie puppies. John loves to build agility courses and believes that fun and competition are not mutually exclusive. He is the recipient of the first annual Spirit of Agility Award. Learn more about his dogs, read his blog and follow Riverside Canine Center's USDAA trials on Facebook.


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