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Swim Season - Treating Canine Ear Infections Naturally

Canine frequent swimmers can get help from easy-to-find natural ingredients. 

This summer, your dog may be spending more time at the beach, lake or pool, enjoying swim season. But along with fun in the water comes ear infections!

There are many handy commercial products for getting rid of canine ear infections, but did you know that you can make your own remedies with a common plant and what's likely in your kitchen? shares how you can combine Mullein flowers, which are often found roadside, and garlic for an ear infection remedy. 

Summer swim fun! Photos, clockwise from top left, courtesy of Bryan Batchelder, Tracy Hirsch, Kelsey Kirkpatrick, Bryan Batchelder, Keith Hirsch, Bryan Batchelder, and Elisa Chavez. 


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