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More Snooker Themes

Check out some more creative, challenging and festive Snooker courses.

Last week, Stuart Mah described the variety of Snooker courses that have come across his screen over the years as a course reviewer. Holidays and birthdays are the most common themes, but leave it a few select judges to find a theme for just about every Snooker course they design.

This past weekend, judges Tom Kula, Dave Bozak and Eric Quirouet all designed themes to celebrate the July 4th holiday.

The Kula Snooker "Flag"

Dave Bozak's Snooker "Flag"

Eric Quirouet's "Uncle Sam" Snooker

In Stuart's article, he explained that Tom Kula was likely the first judge to come up with themed Snooker courses. Here is a sampling of a few of the themes he's presented over the years.

The Dog Bone

The Great Pumpkin

The Scarecrow

The Phonograph

The Wizard of Oz

Walk Your Dog

The Bikini

So now you're a little more prepared for the variety of courses and themes you'll see the next time you enter a Snooker class! Have fun!


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